Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2022

1 0 2 A journey of culinary exploration Silversea Cruises has used eclectic artwork and a global decor scheme to bring its most innovative and immersive culinary programme to life onboard its newest Muse-class ships, Silver Moon and Silver Dawn Developing unique and unforgettable dining experiences can be challenging, but Silversea Cruises always has the same key principles in mind. We aim to ensure that the food is thoughtfully sourced, expertly prepared, artfully presented, and delicious to eat, all while striking a delicate balance between innovating to keep our dishes fresh and modern, and respecting local and regional traditions. In addition, we endeavour to go beyond what’s on the plate to take a deep dive into the ingredients, culinary traditions and iconic dishes of the places our ships visit. This helps our guests to cultivate a greater understanding and appreciation of different cultures, landscapes and people around the world. To achieve these goals, we created Sea And Land Taste (S.A.L.T.), an immersive culinary programme that was first introduced onboard Silver Moon when it debuted in summer 2021. S.A.L.T. has since been rolled out to Silver Dawn, which began sailing on 1 April 2022. When developing the S.A.L.T. programming, we collaborate with a network of chefs, cookbook authors, culinary experts and producers to investigate the foods found in the places we visit to understand why the locals eat the way they do and find ways to share these stories with our guests. One way we do this is by developing customised shore excursions that enable guests to enjoy authentic local experiences. For example, we take them to Peskesi biodynamic farm in Crete, which is run by eager ambassadors of the Greek island’s culinary culture. Guests are invited to pick herbs, learn how to make traditional Cretan dishes, cook them in a wood-fired outdoor oven and enjoy the feast they have made together. Another opportunity we offer is for guests to meet Franco Pepe, who is considered by many to be Italy’s greatest pizza chef. They can see where his mozzarella is made, where his tomatoes are grown and then make pizza with the master himself. To complement these onshore experiences, we also curate authentic regional menus and host talks and By Adam Sachs, Silversea Cruises DES IGN PERSPECTI VE Guests will see displays of wines and spirits that are local to the region their ship is sailing in