Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2022

1 0 0 A unique and fun experience Carnival Cruise Line considers functionality, aesthetics and customer enjoyment when designing every space on its ships Experience design is at the core of everything we do at Carnival Cruise Line. We are not simply designing ships or public rooms, we design experiences. We do this in cooperation with teams across the organisation to develop the entire ecosystem that makes up the onboard guest experience, including the function of the spaces, their look and feel, the food and beverage offerings, the entertainment, and the infrastructure needed to support everything. One of our core values at Carnival is to include fun in everything we do – that is always considered when designing experiences and deciding what to offer on any ship. Every ship has a combination of core offerings that are common across the fleet, but there are some differences from one ship to another. Guests can mainly see these differences across our classes of ships. The chance to design new vessels and classes of ships presents us with opportunities to introduce new and exciting features such as Bolt, the first roller coaster at sea. This first-of-itskind offering is entirely unique to our Excel-class ships. Our highest responsibility and top priorities are to operate safely, to protect the environment, and to comply with regulatory requirements everywhere we operate in the world. For every new ship, we take into account both guest feedback and the lessons we have learned from previous ships. These aspects are part of our corporate vision and are foundational to everything that goes into the design of our ‘Fun Ships’. Function is also critical to creating spaces that are aesthetically pleasing, so we focus heavily on ensuring good traffic flow for both our guests and team members. There are many details that need to be carefully considered including the materials that we select, their durability, the ease of maintenance, furniture comfort, energy efficiency, and more. Our Excel class is nearly 30 per cent larger than our Vista class. This difference has seen us take a separate approach in how we distribute guest experiences and offerings throughout the ships. We made some strategic decisions early in the master planning stage to ensure there would be a proper balance of guest distribution, particularly in By Ben Clement, Carnival Cruise Line DES IGN PERSPECTI VE “ We are not simply designing ships or public rooms, we design experiences” One of the highlights onboard Carnival Celebration will be Bar 820, an indoor/outdoor retro bar offering coffees and Miami-inspired frozen drinks and martinis