Sustainable Maritime Interiors - 2022 Report

59 “We have recently joined Sustainable Travel International as we are currently developing a programme to measure the carbon footprint of all our vessels and itineraries, and from there find more ways to neutralise our emissions. Multiple engine developments have enabled us to reduce our fuel footprint and we always strive to be ahead of the game in implementing the best solutions available. This initiative has led us to reducing fuel consumption and creating more sustainable programmes and itineraries for our guests. Additionally, we are the first cruise line worldwide to join Tourism Declares, which is helping us develop a transparent, practical and functional 12-month plan that will guide the way for lowering carbon emissions, while remaining committed to additional sustainability initiatives including no single-use plastic and ethical food sourcing. Within our interiors, organisations such as Cradle to Cradle help us; their certification programmes for products and materials are driven by sustainability. The types of materials selected are key when it is time to discard and upgrade, ensuring that waste levels are low and recycling is feasible. We are currently working with Add Studio, an award-winning architecture and design company, to redesign Harmony G – improved sustainability is an important outcome for us. Sustainability is key to the type of clientele we serve. It’s about creating a sense that we are part of the nature we wish to discover. We are only at the beginning of where we hope to be (as an organization and as a whole industry), but our passionate team of sustainability-driven individuals continue to strive towards a greener design that will turn our fleet into an eco-fleet through a phased programme.” – Constantine Venetopoulos, Communications Director, Variety Cruises “Residents of The World, Residences at Sea, are committed to minimising the impact of the ship’s operations on oceans, wildlife and natural environments and reducing its carbon footprint through the adoption of energy-efficient equipment and technologies. The community’s Environmental Impact Mitigation Committee is fully committed to achieving this goal through various initiatives and investments. Residents continuously invest in the ship to keep its public and private spaces in top condition. The ship routinely drydocks, where major refurbishment and design work are completed to ensure that world-class standards of luxury, style and design are exceeded. The World works with Mivan, an internationally renowned leader in specialist joinery and interior fit-out, by choosing ethical and sustainable materials procured from sustainable sources using credible and recognised certification schemes. Innovative practices and design excellence are foremost in the ship’s strategy.” – The World