Sustainable Maritime Interiors - 2022 Report

58 “It is SunStone’s opinion that the cruise industry must make a joint effort and take the lead in ensuring that future projects are being developed with sustainability at the very top of the agenda. SunStone is operating in the world’s most fragile areas and ecosystems, based on which we take our responsibility for the environment very seriously. We are currently in dialogue with consultants on the development of a brand new series of vessels (the Boundless Class). This newbuilding project will increase the focus on energy efficiency to a new level, including emissions from the interior outfitting perspective. For us, sustainability and profitability must go hand in hand. Incorporating circular economy and life-cycle evaluation in the interior design strategy will consequently lead to a longer lifetime of essential elements of the accommodation but will also contribute to the profitability of the vessels in general. And it’s a value proposition for our conscientious passengers. Here at SunStone, we strive to contribute to a more sustainable series of vessels by not only focusing on fuels and direct emissions, but by approaching design, build and operation with a holistic mindset.” – Niels-Erik Lund, Founder & Chairman, SunStone Ships “Swan Hellenic is committed to protecting the beauty of the world we explore and the wellbeing of our guests. Our comprehensive, concrete sustainability measures consequently extend from our ships’ propulsion and Advanced Wastewater Treatment systems to every aspect of interior design, prioritising the choice of sustainability-certified natural, recycled and recyclable materials, low-solvent textiles and surface coverings, and water-based paints. We likewise insist on ultra-low consumption LED lighting and intelligent climate control systems. Moreover, these commitments are constantly aligned with the latest advances, which we monitor carefully to ensure a steadily reducing environmental footprint.” – Andrea Zito, Chief Executive Officer, Swan Hellenic COMMI TMENT