Sustainable Maritime Interiors - 2022 Report

53 “At Disney Cruise Line, we are dedicated to minimising our impact on the environment through efforts focused on utilising new technologies, increasing fuel efficiency, minimising waste and promoting conservation worldwide. We strive to instil positive environmental stewardship in our cast and crew members and seek to inspire others through programmes that engage our guests and the communities in our ports of call. Disney Cruise Line is consistently recognised as an industry leader. All four Disney Cruise Line ships have the U.S. Coast Guard’s QUALSHIP 21 with Zero-E designation, which recognises exemplary vessels that have consistently adhered to environmental compliance, while also demonstrating a commitment to environmental stewardship. Disney Cruise Line also regularly wins awards, such as the Blue Circle Award for voluntary efforts to conserve energy and reduce emissions from Port of Vancouver.” – Disney Cruise Line “Havila Voyages’ new ships have the latest energy-efficient design and technology onboard, including the world’s largest battery pack on a passenger ship. But sustainable choices must also be followed up in the hotel onboard. Among other things, Havila Voyages has selected local Norwegian suppliers of furniture to ensure that we get durable and high-quality products and materials that will have a long life. This approach helps achieve environmental savings through reducing the frequency of buying replacements. Also, our suppliers are close to the ports that we visit and so it is easy to arrange maintenance and repairs to extend the life of our onboard furniture. By choosing Norwegian suppliers, we feel confident that the necessary production processes and certifications are in place to ensure high environment and sustainability standards are achieved.” – Hege Sævik Rabben, board director and Head of Interior Design and Decoration, Havila Voyages “At Seabourn, sustainability is not just a commitment, but a mindset that influences our daily decisions in everything we do from operations to interior design. We actively seek partners that have a sustainability strategy built into the way they operate their business and in the products they offer. We donate perfectly usable furniture, such as balcony furniture, when we upgrade to new designs on the ships. Our design team is constantly striving to approach each project with a vision where all of the beautiful products in our spaces are carefully selected with a back story on sustainability. This matters to our Seabourn team, and we feel our Seabourn family that enjoys travelling with us will appreciate the effort we put towards making choices that underscore sustainability.” – My Nguyen, Design Director, Interior Asset Management, Holland America Group