Sustainable Maritime Interiors - 2022 Report

52 “As a company we invest in creating products and services that have considered the environmental, social, and economic impacts from the initial phase through to the end of their life. Our ships have a timeless and contemporary style, which helps us avoid yearly refurbishments. Additionally, we strive to use eco-friendly and low-cost maintenance materials, such as stain-repellent fabrics and reconstituted stones but also eco-friendly cleaning products. We work with sustainable suppliers, who are making conscious efforts to reduce their environmental impact, from the recycling of waste materials or glassworks to choosing sustainable wood sources in the production of furniture. We are always aware of the weight (lower fuel consumption) and the use of light materials is a rule. Smart technology is also a big help for us. LED lighting is used where possible, due to its greater energy efficiency. Prefabrication and use of local sources are some of the strategies we follow, together with the recycling of scrap materials. Living green has become a way of life and the new norm.” – Captain George Koumpenas, Chief Operations Officer, Celestyal Cruises “Century Cruises has been the pioneer of China’s eco-friendly and green health cruise ship construction and interior design since 2013. Century Paragon and Century Legend are the first two ships to feature an electronic propulsion system, integrated energy optimisation system (IEOS), and zero paint decoration on China’s Yangtze. All the ships’ interior decorative materials conform to the international environmental protection standards. Also, other new cruise ships on the Yangtze are following the eco-friendly and sustainable innovations introduced by the inaugural voyage of the new ship Century Glory in 2019. Even the official China Classification Society (CCS) has awarded Century Glory as an advanced eco-friendly river ship for the interior design, engineering system, comfort level (less noise and micro vibration), system of onshore electricity supply at docks along the river, etc. The government has emphasised cruise industry sustainability development in China too. For the four new cruise ships being constructed for Century, we will adopt the most advanced sustainability development solutions to achieve the goals of economic savings and reducing energy consumption. The ships will feature the latest technologies and river cruise ship building innovations.” – Century Cruises “City Experiences, anchored by Hornblower, is committed to developing, adapting, and operating an industry-leading fleet of sustainable vessels that includes environmentally friendly components and practices at every stage in addition to our environmental management systems under ISO 14001 to ensure we are delivering on our environmental goals. While the broader focus is most often on alternative fuels and more efficient propulsion or mechanical equipment, modern vessel design must also include low-impact, sustainable interior materials and systems to reduce carbon footprint, limit energy loss, extend vessel lifespans and increase air quality while ensuring passengers are provided a safe and efficient journey.” – Timothy O’Brien, Senior Vice President, Ferries & Transportation, City Experiences COMMI TMENT