Sustainable Maritime Interiors - 2022 Report

39 Hong Kong Ferry (Holdings) Limited takes an all-round view: “Throughout our sustainability journey we will pursue excellence in sustainability governance, environmental stewardship, employee wellbeing, community prosperity and social responsibility.” For Abu Dhabi Maritime: “Sustainability is at the heart of the vision behind the establishment of Abu Dhabi Maritime and it serves as a core driver behind all of its initiatives and activities.” Interislander says: “Sustainability is central to our purpose of creating stronger connections for a better New Zealand.” Marine Atlantic says it is committed to conducting its operations “in a sustainable manner.” Hornblower says it embraces “the idea of what it means to truly be a sustainable company.” Mitsui O.S.K. Lines states: “For the next generation on board this planet, the MOL Group will work collaboratively with our partners and stakeholders with creativity to resolve environmental issues.” MOBY S.p.A describes its brands, MOBY, Tirrenia and Toremar, as “environmentally conscious! The shipping companies of the Onorato Armatori group protect the environment.” Molslinjen, meanwhile, says: “Our commitment rests on internationally recognised principles that are essential to sustainable development.” Norled sums up its commitment simply: “The environment and innovation – our core values,” while FastCat says it “cares for the environment.” Another one-liner, this time from Ultramar: “Conscious caring for the environment and our strong commitment to our surroundings.” Rederij Doeksen says that “respect for our environment is concretely expressed in the policy we pursue.” Stena RoRo states: “We feel that actively working to protect the environment and creating the necessary conditions for life in the future are a matter of course.” Tallink Group matches its sustainability focus areas to the SDGs. “It’s actually very simple,” says the company. “There’s no tomorrow unless we act today. We need to reduce our impact on the environment and to have a positive effect on the communities in which we operate.” Recycling is an important component of environmental stewardship for Hong Kong Ferry (Holdings) Limited Source: Environmental, Social and Governance Report 2020