Sustainable Maritime Interiors - 2022 Report

38 COMMI TMENT Given the very wide range of environments and customer bases served by ferry operators worldwide, coupled with differences in budgets available to operators, it is important to understand that sustainability can mean very different things to different companies – and to their guests. The following observations give a flavour of the intentions of a representative sample of operators. What the operators say Statements of intent regarding sustainability are easy to find in the corporate literature of operators. Brittany Ferries says: “We are committed to preserving the environment” while Buquebus claims: “The companies of the Buquebus group have definitively entered the era of environmental responsibility and are leading a real green revolution.” Corsica Linea informs readers: “Since the beginning of its history, Corsica Linea has resolutely traced its path on the path of sustainable development.” CTMA defines environmental protection as “concrete actions that make a difference.” “Passenger comfort, reliable service and environmental sensitivity are hallmarks of the Catalina Express vessel programme, says Catalina Express President Greg Bombard. “We work hard to provide that.” Fjord1 looks to the future with the claim that: “We’re going to be the best at environmentally viable transport.” Grimaldi Group cites its past record: “The adoption of a sustainable and socially responsible business model has been a priority for the Grimaldi Group since it was founded, and it has taken on greater importance as the years go by.” Fred. Olsen Express also looks back on its past for inspiration: “Since our inception we have focused our efforts on growing sustainably and have been pioneers in green initiatives in the international maritime sector. Today, we continue to drive opportunities that help connect the oceans and the environment to navigate a better future together.” Trasmediterranea is another company looking to its history for inspiration: “For more than a century Trasmediterranea has been committed to our clients and the environment.” TT-Line promises that it is “very aware of its high responsibility towards nature and the environment. In line with its pronounced environmental awareness, TT-Line can look back on a long tradition, which is characterized by permanent improvement of the environmental balance of the ship operation.” Baleària says its business model incorporates the SDGs and adds: “As part of its commitment, the company is implementing projects linked to eleven of the seventeen SDGs. GreenCourse is the motto Baleària uses to define its sustainability philosophy, which encompasses all of the company’s actions linked to environmental protection. Reducing our impact on the environment, that is our GreenCourse.” “ Passenger comfort, reliable service and environmental sensitivity are hallmarks of the Catalina Express vessel programme. We work hard to provide that” Greg Bombard, President, Catalina Express