Sustainable Maritime Interiors - 2022 Report

31 For Mystic Cruises, “the oceans and atmosphere are a fragile environment that everyone must be committed to preserving, and Mystic Cruises is devoted to operations that minimise our impact on the environment.” Heritage Expeditions states: “Travelling with Heritage Expeditions is to travel responsibly. As biologists and ornithologists, we are intimately aware of the many issues that confront animals and their habitats, the world’s oceans and isolated ethnic groups.” For small-group expedition cruise company G Adventures, “The foundation of our success is built on one very simple principle: Do the right thing all the time, every time. It’s a pledge to recognise the problems facing the world today and act quickly to meet them. Above all, it’s a commitment to continually challenge ourselves to see the big picture and bring about meaningful and positive change whenever we can.” Meanwhile, UnCruise Adventures says: “One of the key components of our company’s mission statement is to actively promote environmental protection through education, actions, and initiatives that promote responsible travel.” Illustration of Royal Caribbean Group’s designs for a more efficient future Source: 2021 Seastainability