Sustainable Maritime Interiors - 2022 Report

30 Smaller operators, many of whose fleets consist mainly of older ships, face particular challenges in retrofitting and maintaining their fleets to modern standards. Phoenix Reisen says: “The share of cruises in the global CO2 burden is “only” less than 0.02 per cent. However, all shipping companies and of course we are still making great efforts to ensure that this load value drops even further. Because you and we want and need a healthy environment so that cruises continue to be carefree pleasure, as you are used to.” Hansa Touristik states: “A cruise always means a holiday in nature. That is why… as a growing cruise operator, the topic of sustainability and the environment is an important point that our company faces with responsibility.” Scottish Hebridean small ship operator The Majestic Line says its philosophy is “to adopt a policy of sustainable tourism for our cruises.” The fast-growing expedition sector is taking ever-growing numbers of visitors to fragile and remote ecoystems. These companies need to work hard to ensure their impact on these regions is as low as possible. Oceanwide Expeditions remarks: “Foremost among our sustainability goals is actively reducing the impact and emission of our vessels, investing in new technology and continuously improving our existing resources.” Quark Expeditions says it is “profoundly committed to environmentally responsible tourism. Reducing our footprint and building industry resilience are vital to safeguarding the planet. It’s a no-brainer: all of us must do everything possible to reduce our footprint.” Paul Gaugin Cruises, now part of Ponant, says: “We share the French Polynesians’ deep respect for our vast blue oceans, and our commitment to eco-friendly operations guides our activities both on and off the ship.” Swan Hellenic says: “Our vessels have been designed and built in accordance with the latest sustainable practices, extending to the design; fuel, engine and onboard products including no single-use plastic and paperless communications. Sustainable materials are also used in fixtures, fittings and for the ship’s technical equipment.” COMMI TMENT “ We will leave behind a footprint we are proud of, contribute to sustainable development and create positive change through our operations” Daniel Skjeldam, CEO, Hurtigruten