Sustainable Maritime Interiors - 2022 Report

175 Green showers, Hansgrohe Hansgrohe Green showers have LowFlow faucets together with EcoSmart technology, offering optimal water saving with no compromise on comfort thanks to AirPower. Energy saving is provided by CoolStart technology, delivering hot water only when needed. Hespera H-series and C-series mattresses 20 million mattresses in the USA and 30 million mattresses in Europe are landfilled or incinerated every year. Hespera mattresses are made from 100 per cent recyclable materials such as cashmere, cotton and handpicked GOTS wool. These natural materials can be recycled for use in other products and the remaining materials can be produced again at the same quality level and can be used over and over again. By applying a replaceable top mattress and using natural materials, the life span of the mattresses is extended and the ecological footprint is reduced. In cooperation with DTGroup using RFID/QR labelling, Hespera can trace the delivered mattress at the end of its life cycle and ensure full recycling of the materials. In cooperation with DTGroup and EcoChain, the company can also offer full life-cycle footprint compensation. Limartec, Proman High-pressure laminate is replaced with real wood veneer (regrowing, farm grown, popular wood like in ALPI or TABU veneers). The surfaces, which are made from waste materials which would have been discharged otherwise, are halogen-free and compliant with REACH requirements. Since aluminium honeycomb panels are used as the main core materials, the decorative wood veneer will be discharged and recycled with the aluminium and reused as such. Mango and berry ranges, Malone Fabrics Manufactured from recycled waste from the oil industry, these fabrics are 100 per cent upcycled and recyclable. No water is used in the dyeing or processing and production is 100 per cent local. Requiring less raw material to produce more fabric, Harmolan fabric can be recycled up to 10 times. No PFC chemicals are used and because it is easy to clean and hard-wearing, the life of the fabric can be extended massively, reducing the need for replacement.