Sustainable Maritime Interiors - 2022 Report

174 Elmosoft, Elmo Leather Elmosoft is a chrome-free, soft and pliable grain leather by-product of the Scandinavian meat and dairy industry and is by some distance the company’s most sold product within the cruise ship industry. Outstanding comfort, combined with excellent durability (up to 25 years) and an extensive shade card, makes it very suitable for the public environment. Leather is sometimes criticised as being unsustainable, but for as long as the meat and dairy industries continue to breed cattle it is more sustainable to use all of the natural by-products. Elmo Leather practises local sourcing, upcycling, 100 per cent renewable energy use, low air emissions and a clean water tanning process. The company’s production plant is 100 per cent CO2 neutral and fulfils the EU Best Available Techniques (BAT) directive. The company uses untreated river water instead of municipal water and has its own biological water treatment plant. It is LEED certified for lower VOCs and its chromefree process. Leather normally ends up in energy recovery, but it is also biodegradable. Elmo Leather holds a Reutiligin Certification that tests for hazardous materials such as lead, gaseous emissions, and other harmful products that may be used in a tanning process. EvoHide, Morbern Europe EvoHide is a textile made from bio-attributed PVC resins originating from agricultural and forestry biomass, bio-based plasticisers derived from soya bean oil and 100 per cent recycled polyester back fabric from used plastic water bottles. The combination of these International Sustainability & Carbon Certification certified and Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials certified renewable ingredients delivers a 75 per cent sustainable content vegan leather, suitable for all indoor and outdoor marine upholstery applications. The appearance and properties of Evohide can be tailored with plain leather-looking surfaces or textile-inspired grains. The EvoHide range launching in 2022 is Mistral Free and a recipient of a DAME award special mention at METS 2021. Fenix NTM Bloom, Formica Fenix is a long-lasting material. The decorative surface is characterised by a multilayer coating and the use of next-generation acrylic resins, hardened and fixed with Electron Beam curing process. Thermal healing of superficial micro-scratches is also possible. With these features, Fenix products have been designed to last. As of December 2021 Fenix is carbon neutral. This has been achieved by refining product build-up and the implementation of a long-term strategy for carbon offset projects. The core of Fenix NTM is predominantly paper and phenol-based thermosetting resins. Approximately 60 per cent of Fenix is made of bio-based material. Fenix NTM Bloom has been developed with lignin technology to significantly reduce the amount of phenol included in the resin by 50 per cent. Lignin is a natural polymer in wood fibres and so the key ingredients for this product originate from the same place: responsibly managed forests. Fenix NTM holds multiple certifications: LBC Compliant, Nordic Swan, FSC CoC, Greenguard Gold, M1 Emission and Environmental Product Declarations. PRODUCTS AND MATER I ALS