Sustainable Maritime Interiors - 2022 Report

16 The sustainable value of fabric coatings – Carine Equeter, Morbern With EvoHide Mistral we have achieved 75 per cent sustainable content, which is already a huge step forward in comparison to other coated fabrics. But we will continue to evaluate innovative raw materials to increase this level if possible. Coated fabrics are extremely durable (20 years+) and following clean and care instructions will extend the product’s life further. EvoHide Mistral is part of the MorGreen collection which also includes Eden FRee and Geo FRee – both Oeko-Tex approved, offering a “greener” alternative to other artificial leathers by reducing the level of chemical additives. A family business with a sustainable heritage – Chris Colvin, Marine Sales Manager, Ulster Carpets We can create carpets in any colour imaginable but each one is also green! From the natural wool used in every carpet to the 100 per cent renewable electricity used in our manufacturing, we have demonstrated our commitment to protecting the planet. We can do this because we control every aspect of the process. From the spinning and dyeing of the yarn to the design and manufacture of our luxury carpets, everything is carried out by us. This level of control allows us to manufacture in an ethical manner that reduces the impact on our planet. This is enhanced by a quality service, high levels of expertise and an innovative approach that results in luxury, IMO-certified carpets. SPONSOR STATEMENTS