Sustainable Maritime Interiors - 2022 Report

14 Responding to the three pillars of sustainability – Mark Henderson, Chief Executive, Magicman According to contemporary wisdom, sustainability comprises three pillars: social, economic and environmental. Magicman interprets sustainability in the same way and we offer the industry a compelling economic and environmental service. We focus on sustainable production, reducing waste and decreasing costs of keeping ship interiors in good condition. Damaged surfaces are repaired in the most environmentally friendly way – removing greenhousegas (GHG) emissions and energy consumption in the manufacturing, assembly, transportation and distribution of replacement products. Although there has been a growing push towards sustainable sourcing, in many cases it is just not practical, often because such methods can be more expensive and/or items or surfaces have reduced durability or functionality. Most surfaces and products require composite materials or parts that may also require further composite parts or materials. These may be manufactured anywhere across the globe and most often, because of price, in areas where environmental impact and GHG emissions are not a top priority. This means that products which at first may appear either cost effective or environmentally friendly can be significantly less so when the manufacturing transportation and distribution process is examined. Labour must also be considered as cheap labour often conflicts with the aims of the social pillar. Magicman’s services also enable clients to reduce waste and our trained staff are equipped to travel worldwide to repair a wide variety of damage and restore surfaces that would otherwise need to be replaced at greater cost, leading to lengthier projects and significant disruption. With an exemplary reputation for delivering beyond expectation, Magicman can assist all departments in better utilising their budgets, while maintaining high design standards and being kinder to the planet. Periodic maintenance and regular repairs improve the overall economic and environmental cost and long-term viability or lifespan of an item and is the least disruptive method of upkeep. Economic and environment costs associated with sustainable maintenance and repair are limited to manpower, travel to the vessel, spares and equipment, shipping costs and material costs. Magicman services require lower personnel, equipment and material costs, all achieved in less time and with minimum disruption. A single product or surface can be repaired frequently to enhance and prolong its original useful lifespan by many years. SPONSOR STATEMENTS