Cruise & Ferry Itinerary Planning 2024

81 immaculately preserved fortified town that can accommodate small 150-metrelong ships with a six-metre draught at its city centre pier. Countless artists and craftspeople have settled here, and cruise guests can easily find their work while walking through the cobbled streets. Alternatively, they can use the efficient electric ferry service to cross the water to the new town. Located in the centre of Fredrikstad on an island between two rivers is Isegran, a living coastal culture park that is renowned for its food, culture, craft and recreational activities. The island’s boat yard is a storied facility providing traditional restoration services, including for vessels once constructed there. Now run by volunteers, guided tours of the yard’s current projects give cruise visitors a true appreciation of expert craftsmanship. Oslo Building a compelling shore excursion programme can be challenging in a big vibrant city like Oslo, which has so much to offer, and so many companies touting their services. Thankfully qualified help from the companies in the Oslo Cruise Partners network is available to simplify the task. The Oslo Cruise Partners network offers cruise lines with easy access to trusted service providers and attractions. For example, network members provide numerous ways for cruise guests to get around the city. Alna Ridesenter operates horse and carriage rides, Retro Tours provides motorcycle and sidecar trips, and visitors can hire bicycles from Oslo Bike Rental or join walking tours led by Oslo Hiking. The network’s influence is particularly valuable for cruise lines seeking to create special events, like our out-of-hours private guided tour of the National Museum’s highlights, including the earliest version of Edvard Munch’s painting The Scream. Norway’s special relationship with the sea dates back to the formation of the kingdom in the eighth century. Cruise passengers are fortunate to live in modern times, free from marauding Vikings and able to explore the countless wonders that have been crafted in the country by both nature and mankind. “ Oslo Cruise Partners network offers cruise lines with easy access to trusted service providers and attractions” Næs Ironworks Museum is located by the river Storelva in Holt, Tvedestrand, and is one of the best preserved ironworks in Norway