Cruise & Ferry Itinerary Planning 2024

ASSOCIATION HIGHLIGHTS: REPORT centre beaches, Mandal has received six calls in 2023, including five tenders and one berthing on the 150-metre quay. It’s a picturesque 1,200-metre journey from the anchorage to the tender pier in the city centre. Kristiansand The urban beach town of Kristiansand deserves its slogan as ‘the smiling capital of the south’ and has all of the facilities and attractions that cruise visitors would expect of the fifth biggest city in Norway, and more besides. It welcomed 130 cruise calls in 2022 and will receive a similar number in 2023. Active pursuits are plentiful in Kristiansand. Speed sightseeing around the islands on a RIB boat with The Blue Centre is thrilling and kayaking from the city centre and along the coast with TrollAktiv is equally fulfilling. On land, Sørlandet Climbing Centre offers indoor climbing for every ability, or travellers can venture out to tackle a real ascent. Food lovers can perfect the art of mackerel cleaning at restaurant 2 Knop, and then cook and eat the fish. A city walk should include a visit to the bakery at Posebyhaven for perhaps the country’s finest cinnamon bun. Alternatively, venture outside the city to Skråstad Fruit Farm to experience local life and very tasty fresh produce – perhaps also prepare a nistepakke for later. Inevitably there are countless other options to suit every taste. Arendal Arendal is a small town with a big heart and beautiful people. On land there are abundant places of interest during a city walk, including Heimdal Chocolate Factory, Klöckers House and the glass elevator at Fløyheia with spectacular views of Arendal, Galtesund fjord and the Tromøy and Hisøy islands. But to really appreciate the soul of the town, cruise visitors need to be by, or on, the water, whether they are relaxing in a waterside restaurant or exploring the archipelago by boat. Those in search of something more active can try coasteering, paddleboarding and kayak adventures at Trollpark Hove on Tromøya island. Cruise lines will find it easy to curate shore excursion combinations in Arendal. The Kuben museum, Solverg mines and Næs Ironworks will appeal to more than just history aficionados. However, Fengselshotellet (the prison hotel) is arguably the most original tour option. A former inmate leads guided tours of the hotel, sharing fascinating stories of hard times spent here. Until very recently, cruise ships less than 220 metres long could visit Arendal without a pilot, but this has been inexplicably reduced to 180 metres – hopefully just a temporary oddity. Fredrikstad Founded in 1567 by namesake King Frederick II, Fredrikstad is an 80 Trollpark Hove on Tromøya island near Arendal offers kayaking, paddleboarding, coasteering and other outdoor activities