Cruise & Ferry Itinerary Planning 2024

107 EUROPE > Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore The Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore (MBCCS), designed as an architectural icon with a dedicated two-berth cruise facility, is able to accommodate the world’s largest cruise ship in service today. The terminal features a spacious arrival and departure hall as well as a large ground transportation area to ensure a smooth and seamless experience for passengers. Located at the southern tip of central Singapore, MBCCS serves as a marine gateway to the heart of the city. Okinawa, Japan In 2021, the islands of Amami and Okinawa were registered as Unesco World Natural Heritage sites. Okinawa Prefecture, located in the southwestern corner of Japan, has a rich natural environment with beautiful seas and subtropical terrestrial forests, and is home to rare plants and animals, including species such as the Okinawa rail bird and the Iriomote wild cat. Okinawa features five cruise ports: Naha, Nakagusuku, Motobu, Hirara and Ishihaki. Each location offers something different, making Okinawa a distinct cruise destination. Taiwan Ports Taiwan has various geographical advantages by being a regional cruise hub and a major maritime transportation hub in Asia. There are seven main cruise ports in Taiwan; Keelung, Taichung, Kaohsiung, Hualien, Anping, Suao and Penghu. The different harbours evoke different flavours of life and by calling at different locations, you will get to know more about Taiwan’s interesting cultures through experiencing its tasty foods, historical monuments and local customs. Baltic Sea Cruise Baltic consists of 32 ports and destinations in eight countries in the Baltic Sea region. The region is focused on sustainability, as is reflected in the alternative shore excursion opportunities. Guests can experience colourful capitals and hidden gem cities, great shopping, world-class dining, historic architecture and contemporary design. They can also visit the world’s oldest monarchies and youngest democracies, enjoy 31 Unesco sites and experience many natural phenomena. The region is English-speaking and delivers high satisfaction rates.