Cruise & Ferry Itinerary Planning 2024

Jamaica Cruising The Jamaica Cruising brand is an extension of Jamaica Vacations Limited (JamVac), an agency of the Ministry of Tourism of Jamaica. Since 1978, JamVac has filled a unique need in ensuring ease of travel and connectivity to Jamaica via airlift, and in 2017 its mandate was expanded to include cruise tourism. JamVac is governed by an experienced and capable Board of Directors and executive director, Joy Roberts. Global Ports Holding Global Ports Holding (GPH) is the world’s largest cruise port operator. Spanning across four continents, GPH operates 27 cruise ports in 14 countries, welcoming over 15 million cruise passengers annually. GPH’s expertise in cruise port operations is underpinned by its proprietary operating framework, which consistently implements global best practices across its network of cruise ports. GPH’s strategic approach and substantial investment power position it to drive the transformation of cruise ports, ensuring they can accommodate the growing number and size of cruise ships. Darwin Port, Australia Darwin Port is Australia’s northern gateway and a popular stop for cruise ships heading into Southeast Asia navigating around Australia and the South Pacific. The Darwin Cruise Ship Terminal can accommodate small to medium-size cruise ship homeport operations and can handle the largest ships in Australian waters on transit visits. Darwin offers crocodile encounters, unparalleled Australian military heritage and spectacular natural scenery. Or a unique opportunity to learn more about the oldest living culture in the world through authentic Aboriginal experiences. Hong Kong As a efficient aviation hub located in the heart of Asia, with an air network that connects the city to half of the world’s population in five hours, Hong Kong makes for an ideal port in the region. From Hong Kong, cruise passengers can sail to the north to bustling coastal cities of Mainland China, Japan and South Korea, or to the south and east to the exotic cultures of Vietnam, the Philippines and more. This not only delivers enriched regional experiences for cruise passengers but also allows cruise companies to develop a wide variety of itineraries. CRUISE SERVICES > CRUISE PORT OPERATOR > ASIA-PACIFIC > FEATURED PORTS & DESTINATIONS 106