Cruise & Ferry Itinerary Planning 2023

4 3 to the sea to do so. A cruise gives holidaymakers the chance to visit a wide selection of picturesque destinations conveniently, without having to manage multiple flights. US: There are several reasons why Carnival guests love cruising the Caribbean. Of course, one of the most desired ways to spend a vacation is on the beach in the sun, so these tropical destinations are perfect for slipping into the relaxation mindset. But more than that, these islands are also rich in culture and history. Given that there are so many cruise ships visiting the Caribbean, how do you find ways to differentiate your itineraries from others? GA: Norwegian Cruise Line has a 55year history of breaking the boundaries of traditional cruising and a heritage founded on pioneering industry firsts. We were, for instance, the first cruise line to offer roundtrip voyages to the Caribbean in 1966 and have since set industry-leading standards for the ultimate holiday experience. We have continued to innovate through our ‘Extraordinary Journeys’ and increased Caribbean itineraries, which are specifically designed to fly in the face of the traditional cruise experience and suit all tastes and budgets. BB: Royal Caribbean works closely with the local destinations to create unique holiday experiences for our guests. By partnering with the communities, we’re able to offer guests one-of-a-kind experiences that enable them to immerse themselves in the local culture. We really do see the Caribbean as part of our Royal Caribbean family; it’s thanks to our great relationships with local people that we are able to deliver such incredible holidays in the region. US: At Carnival, we’re constantly monitoring the performance of our programmes. This gives us plenty of input in changing our portfolio to keep up with guests’ wants. We make sure that our itineraries remain fresh by rotating and adding new destinations to existing itineraries. How do you continue to make the region appealing to guests who may have visited before? GA: One of the best things about cruising with Norwegian Cruise Line is the incredible range of varied activities onboard. There is something for every type of guest and holiday, from water sports and race tracks to massages and spa visits. Our ships feature Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Norwegian all highlight their private island destinations as a particular draw for guests