Cruise & Ferry Itinerary Planning 2023

FEATURE GARY ANSLOW Senior sales director for the UK and Ireland at Norwegian Cruise Line BENJAMIN BOULDIN Vice president for Europe, Middle East and Africa at Royal Caribbean International UGO SAVINO Director of deployment and itinerary planning at Carnival Cruise Line Caribbean magic Alex Smith speaks with some of the largest cruise lines operating in the Caribbean to discover why the region continues to lead the way as the world’s most popular cruise destination Every year, cruise guests flock to the Caribbean in greater numbers than any other region in the world. According to Cruise Line International Association’s 2021 Global Passenger Report, the Caribbean accounted for 36.7 per cent of the total global passenger volume in 2021, ahead of the Central and Western Mediterranean at 14.9 per cent and Asia and China at 13.9 per cent. It’s clear that travellers continue to return to the Caribbean time and time again. To find out why the region continues to capture the imagination of cruise travellers, we spoke with Gary Anslow of Carnival Cruise Line, Benjamin Boulden of Royal Caribbean International and Ugo Savino of Norwegian Cruise Line. Why do you think the Caribbean continues to lead the way as the most popular region for cruising? GA: The Caribbean offers travellers an unparalleled sense of escapism and is one of those rare locations that people visit once and then begin planning their return as soon as they get home. It has an incredible climate, tropical beaches, not to mention the great food and culture – you could happily return every year and experience something new.” BB: The Caribbean is a unique and beautiful location that truly offers something for everyone. Yet air travel between the Caribbean islands can be limited and costly. Therefore, travellers who want to experience a range of sought-after locations can look Our panel: Photo: Tobago Travel Agency 4 2 The beach at Pigeon Point in Tobago is among the most popular spots on the island