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THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO CRUISE ROUTE DESIGN 2022 Cruise executives outline why the Mediterranean Sea is an enduringly popular destination Michel Nestour shares why port partnerships are crucial to Carnival Corporation’s success How the Florida-Caribbean cruise industry is on track for a rapid recovery ALLURE OF THE MED INVEST ING IN DEST INAT IONS THE GREAT CRUISE COMEBACK SIR BANI YAS CRUISE BEACH IS READY TOWELCOME MORE GUESTS THAN EVER BEFORE The only dedicated beach stopover in the Gulf is now able to cater to two cruise ships at the same time, allowing more guests than ever before to experience Abu Dhabi’s premier tourism offering first-hand. Featuring exclusive leisure facilities and a host of unique excursions, Sir Bani Yas Cruise Beach is the ultimate destination on an Arabian adventure.

3 Foreword On the road to recovery Cruise Lines International Association predicts that nearly 100 per cent of its ocean-going cruise line members will be back in operation by mid-2022. Good times are returning and palpable optimism is lifting our spirits. I have felt and seen it for myself among the joyful passengers and cheery crew onboard both Scenic Cruises’ Scenic Eclipse and Holland America Line’s Rotterdam in the past month! Cruising makes people happy and after the bad times that we’ve endured, a breath of fresh sea air is the perfect antidote to cure the blues. Our feature on page 34 shares the elation felt by cruise line CEOs as they celebrate their return to sea and once again focus on the future. Our keynote interview with Carnival Corporation’s Michel Nestour on page 8 covers various topics but it’s clear that he values one industry asset above any other: “What has amazed me since I started working in this industry is the diligence of its people.” The inimitable allure of the Mediterranean is the focus of our cover story on page 26. Saga Cruises’ Iain Powell sums it up neatly, saying: “the Mediterranean has it all.” Meanwhile, in our feature on page 40, we explore the recovery of the Florida-Caribbean cruise industry. Elsewhere, executives from Aurora Expeditions, Genting Cruise Lines, MSC Cruises, Nicko Cruises, Ponant, Virgin Voyages and Windstar Cruises share compelling insights into their itinerary planning strategies. Dive in and consume it all. We’re bouncing back and this issue will help revive your spirits as you look forward to the cruise adventures that await in 2022. Happy reading! Jon Ingleton Executive Editor, Cruise & Ferry Itinerary Planning 20 22 Executive editor Jon Ingleton Editor Rebecca Gibson Editorial team Richard Humphreys, Alex Smith Editorial contributor Michele Witthaus Account managers Kimberley McLean, Shelly Palmer, Benedict Pask, Ben Surtees-Smith Publisher Toby Ingleton Production manager Stuart Fairbrother Design Bruce Graham, Libby Sidebotham Cover image courtesy of Marella Cruises Website development Chris Jackson Advertise Subscribe Published by Tudor Rose Tudor House, 6 Friar Lane Leicester LE1 5RA Tel: +44 116 2229900 ISSN 2633-4410 (Print) ISSN 2633-4429 (Online) Printed in Great Britain by Buxton Press © 2021 Tudor Rose Holdings Ltd. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be stored or transmitted or reproduced in any form or by any means, including whether by photocopying, scanning, downloading onto computer or otherwise without the prior written permission from Tudor Rose Holdings Ltd. Views expressed in this magazine are not necessarily those of the publisher. Acceptance of advertisements does not imply official endorsement of the products or services concerned. While every care has been taken to ensure accuracy of content, no responsibility can be taken for any errors and/or omissions. Readers should take appropriate professional advice before acting on any issue raised herein. The publisher reserves the right to accept or reject advertising material and editorial contributions. The publisher assumes no liability for the return or safety of unsolicited art, photography or manuscripts. £24.00


5 CONTENTS Maiden season 54 Crystal Morgan explains why Princess Cruises has chosen the USA’s West Coast for Discovery Princess’ inaugural season Planner perspectives 56 Diana Block outlines how Virgin Voyages’ team establishes an identifiable brand with its itineraries 60 Kristin Badgett explains how Windstar Cruises’ adaptable approach to building its itineraries has helped it to create new sailings for 2022 62 Ponant’s Stephen Winter discusses plans for the line’s new expedition ship Le Commandant Charcot to sail to remote destinations 64 Raymond Lim shares how Genting Cruise Lines became the first cruise operator to restart sailing in Asia 66 Monique Ponfoort reflects on Aurora Expeditions’ ability to provide unique guest experiences and varied itineraries 68 MSC Cruises’ Marialuisa Iaccarino describes how the company is protecting people and places during cruises 70 Guido Laukamp tells CFR how Nicko Cruises develops diverse itineraries with multiple shore excursions for all guests Keynote 8 Michel Nestour outlines why Carnival Corporation believes port development and partnerships will play a crucial role in the long-term success of the cruise industry Marketwatch 14 A collection of updates from cruise lines, ports and destinations worldwide, as well as a lead interview with Ambassador Cruise Line’s Michelle Lupino Cover story 26 Cruise line executives discuss why the Mediterranean Sea is an enduringly popular destination for cruise travellers Features 34 Cruise line and port executives highlight their new itineraries, excursions and destinations as they return to service around the world 40 A look at how the Florida-Caribbean industry has collaborated to put itself firmly back on track towards a rapid recovery 14 40

7 CONTENTS Association highlights 72 Aimilia Papachristou reveals how MedCruise is helping cruise port members to achieve their environmental goals 74 CruiseCopenhagen shares how and why it aims to become a year-round cruise destination 76 Cruise Baltic considers how cruise lines and ports can work together to strengthen shore power plans in the Baltic Sea region 77 Jens Skrede highlights how Cruise Europe is playing a role in creating a sustainable future for the cruise industry 78 Australia’s cruise industry is preparing for a successful restart, says Australian Cruise Association’s Jill Abel 79 Atlantic Cruise Canada Association is supporting initiatives and infrastructure projects ahead of the return of international cruising Ports and destinations Mediterranean 80 Port of Tarragona Africa 81 Mauritius Port Authority Middle East 82 Cruise Saudi 84 AD Ports Group Asia 85 Hong Kong Tourism Board 86 Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau Regional spotlight 88 Destinations along the St. Lawrence River are back open for business and eagerly preparing for international cruise calls in 2022 North America 91 Port of Seattle 92 Prince Edward Island Caribbean 93 Martinique 94 Port Authority of Jamaica Featured ports & destinations 97 Our guide to some of the most popular ports and destinations around the world Cruise & Ferry is proud to partner with the following organisations to support and promote their global visions and objectives The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) is the Caribbean’s tourism development agency comprising membership of 27 countries and territories, as well as a myriad of private sector allied members. CLIA is the world’s largest cruise association and is dedicated to the promotion and growth of the cruise industry. CLIA was formed in 1975 in response to a need for an association to promote the special benefits of cruising. Interferry is the only shipping association representing the ferry industry worldwide There are currently 220 members (representing approximately 500 individuals) from 34 countries. The International Federation of Interior Architects/ Designers is the global authority for professional interior architecture and design organisations. It provides a forum for exchanging and developing knowledge and experience in education, research and practice. The World Ocean Council is a global, cross-sector alliance committed to promoting corporate ocean responsibility. It brings together over 35,000 ocean industry and media stakeholders from around the world to collaborate on responsible use of the seas. Established in Beijing in 2012, World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF) is a non-profit international organisation whose members include many major cities and tourism-related institutions. 82 88

Partnering with destinations Carnival Corporation’s Michel Nestour tells Alex Smith why the group believes port development and partnerships will play a crucial role in the long-term success of the cruise industry Carnival Corporation, the largest cruise company in the world, is responsible for a fleet of over 90 ships and a portfolio of nine leading cruise line brands. In 2019, those ships sailed to over 700 ports around the world, with almost 13 million guests enjoying the experience of a cruise vacation. With so many ships and so many wonderful destinations available, choosing where to go next is a far from an easy task. Supporting Carnival Corporation’s brands in managing this complexity is its global port and destination development team. Michel Nestour, vice president of global ports and destinations for the EuroMed region at Carnival Corporation, and managing director of Barcelona Cruise Terminal and Santa Cruz Terminal, explains the role of the team within the cruise company. “What we do is manage the port and destination strategic needs of Carnival Corporation and its brands, in addition to seeking new opportunities,” he says. “When we identify a strategic need or new opportunity, we discuss it internally with our cruise line brands. My job is to enable the development and execution of such opportunities across Europe and the Middle East. This supports the development of new destinations and itinerary options to create exciting and compelling cruises for our guests.” Carnival Corporation’s involvement in ports and destinations is founded on a belief that investing and partnering with destinations is crucial to the long-term success and popularity of its cruise business. “We are not in the port business for the sake of it, nor as a collector of cruise ports because we only see limited synergy and value in such an approach,” says Nestour. “There is mutual benefit for a destination to partner with us and for our cruise line brands to bring cruise guests to its ports, cities or islands. What we seek with our investments is berthing rights to give us long-term confidence that our cruise ships can deploy from that specific port, as well as to ensure that facilities are kept up to date for our newest ships.” Destinations are exciting and important parts of any cruise, and many guests heavily factor the opportunity to explore new places into their choice of voyage to create memories of a lifetime. Nestour is excited by how receptive cruise guests are to these new experiences, which gives KEYNOTE 8

9 “ There is still so much to discover in the world”

1 0 him a sense of optimism for the long-term future of the industry. “There is still so much to discover in the world,” he says. “Hearing about people who want to promote their destinations or who want to start their cruise journey and want to learn about our business is always very exciting. It is also rewarding to create something new, such as the latest project we worked on with Dubai Harbour. Following the development work, the port is a spectacular place to start or end a cruise experience for our guests.” Dubai is just one example of the many projects in which Nestour has been involved on behalf of Carnival Corporation, and he takes pride in the global achievements of its port and destination team. “All the port and destination investments that we have made are an immense source of satisfaction,” he says. “Most of these projects have their own journey and take a significant amount of time, effort and investment to develop, build and then operate. In addition, these projects require extensive teamwork encompassing many stakeholders. In short, we are very proud of all of our projects and port and destination partners.” With such a range of options, judging which homeport is right for a particular ship is a complex, yet crucial, decision to make when creating an itinerary. According to Nestour, the influence of travel links to bring the guests to the homeport play an important part in making that decision once the port nautical and infrastructure considerations have been taken into account. For transit ports, the attractions available at the destination also matter to guests. “As an example, consider a West Mediterranean itinerary for Spain, France and Italy,” he explains. “AIDA Cruises, our German brand, could homeport in Palma de Mallorca in Spain’s Balearic Islands, since its airport has excellent flight connections with Germany and the islands are well-loved by its guests. However, the port would not work for our American guests and brands due to the lack of air connectivity, but Barcelona in Spain or Civitavecchia in Italy would. As a result, one cruise line may choose a particular homeport depending on its target market, but the same homeport may not work for another cruise line.” The cruise travel resumption since the beginning of summer 2021 is giving the industry a great platform for 2022 and beyond, but the port authorities and tourist boards always have a key role to play in supporting cruise brands. “One of the most effective approaches helping our brands to create consumer demand that we have found is when ports, governments and tourism boards focus on KEYNOTE AIDA Cruises’ ships often call at ports in Germany and Spain

By With Authorized members Réalisation : – 07-2021 2021-2022 2 202

1 2 cruise lines as their customers, while we focus on our guests,” says Nestour. “As an industry, we see strong ongoing demand from our guests for cruise vacations, so it works very well when ports, governments and tourist boards that want to keep or attract cruise lines focus on what makes them unique and why they are a popular fit for our itineraries.” Nestour offers the following advice to those ports who are looking to win more cruise business from Carnival Corporation and other companies. “If you have a workable port from a nautical and infrastructure point of view, tell us why you are unique and should be on one of our itineraries,” he says. “You should understand and focus on your customers, the cruise lines, and be resilient. Cruise lines are very open to ideas and collaboration.” Crucial to all of Carnival Corporation’s efforts in port development, itinerary planning and the rest of its business, are the workers and partners of the cruise industry. Nestour points out that they are the only reason that any of the company’s cruises are possible, wherever they are in the world. “What has amazed me since I started working in this industry is the diligence of its people,” he says. “We all know the cruise industry aims to create great memories for our guests but sometimes we also have an opportunity to create great memories for those who work in the business. A cruise would not happen without the crew and shoreside teams, the travel agents, the port authorities, city mayors and representatives, the taxi and bus drivers, the shore excursion businesses and their guides, the many supply chain partners critical to our operation – the list goes on and on.” Carnival Corporation found a way to acknowledge the important role people play in the cruise industry when building its second terminal at the Port of Barcelona. “We assembled a collection of photos from all of our cruise line brands, as well as the people who helped us build the cruise terminal, and we created a mural of the Barcelona skyline as a display for our guests to enjoy while getting ready to embark with excitement for their cruise vacation,” says Nestour. “I was very proud that we were able to acknowledge many of the people involved directly and indirectly in our operation.” CFIP Clockwise from left, Carnival Corporation has cruise port partnerships in Barcelona, Spain, and in Dubai, United Arab Emirates “ Cruise lines are very open to ideas and collaboration” KEYNOTE

1 4 MARKETWATCH Ambassador Cruise Line plans inaugural season Ambassador Cruise Line became the first new British cruise line to launch in 11 years in May 2021, with its inaugural cruises set to start in April 2022. The cruise line’s ship, Ambience, will debut with a short cruise to Hamburg, Germany. “For the maiden voyage, we wanted to ensure that our first guests had time to fully experience the onboard experience and celebrate the arrival of our cruise line,” says Michelle Lupino, head of destination management at Ambassador Cruise Line. “A four-night cruise to Hamburg fitted perfectly. We feel we are introducing Ambience to our guests and giving them ample time to experience the pleasures of sailing onboard our flagship and exploring this popular Hanseatic city.” Ambience’s inaugural season will heavily feature Norwegian destinations, with the ship sailing a range of six-, seven-, eight- and 14-night cruises. “Owing to Norway’s popularity, wonderful scenery and welcome, and the fact that Ambience’s Tier III compliance means she can visit any of the ports and fjords, Ambassador chose to include as many Norwegian cruises as possible,” says Lupino. “Ambience will visit Alta, Tromso, Trondheim, Alesund, Bodo and Bergen. All these ports have worked hard on their winter season of cruise calls and can cater for guests with winter activities at each destination. Highlights include the spectacular Flåm Railway with views of the Kjosfossen Waterfall and the opportunity to witness some impressive The first British cruise line to launch since 2010 will focus on providing itineraries across Europe “ We wanted to ensure that our first guests had time to fully experience the onboard experience” Michelle Lupino

1 5 glaciers such as the Briksdal and Kjenndalen near Olden.” The cruise line will also offer itineraries in the Baltic Sea, Britain and around Greenland and Iceland throughout its 2022 season. “At Kirkwall, UK, guests can find archaeological delights such as Skara Brae and the Ring of Brodgar along with attractions relating to war history such as Scapa Flow, the Italian Chapel and the Churchill Barriers,” says Lupino. “Our two-day experience in St. Petersburg, Russia, will take in as many of the highlights as possible, including Catherine’s Palace and its Amber Room, the spectacular fountains of the Peterhof Gardens and the impressive art collections at the Hermitage Museum. CFIP Photo: Ambassador’s guests will have the chance to ride the Flåm Railway, which offers spectacular views of the Kjosfossen Waterfall Among the destinations on Ambassador’s ‘Land of the Northern Lights’ itinerary is Trondheim, Norway’s third-largest city. Trondheim remains a popular pilgrimage site, due to the famous Nidaros Cathedral – the church traditionally used for the coronation of Norwegian Kings. The northernmost tram and the bicycle lift are among the highlights in a city centre characterised by wooden houses. Recently, Trondheim has been accredited as a high-profile food region as it was awarded the title of European Region of Gastronomy in 2022. Photo: Sven-Erik Knoff/FotoKnoff Trondheim – Home of Nordic Flavours Discover the authentic experiences of Prince Edward Island. Offering two full-service ports: Charlottetown and Summerside, the possibilities are endless. This picturesque island on Canada’s east coast makes for a memorable port of call. Passengers and crew can experience some of the best seafood, immerse themselves in the cultural landscape of the world renowned novel “Anne of Green Gables” and explore the natural beauty of the Island’s National Park. One amazing Island. Endless possibilities.

Port of Hamburg constructing new cruise terminal Portland Port to create new berth for cruise vessels The construction of an additional cruise terminal is currently underway in the Port of Hamburg in Germany. The HafenCity Cruise Terminal is being built in HamburgÜberseequartier and will comprise of two berths which are 345 metres and 230 metres long, respectively, accomodating ships with a maximum draught of 10.3 metres. Cruise ships calling at the new terminal will berth directly in the heart of the city near the Elbphilharmonie and right next to the Speicherstadt, a Unesco World Heritage Site. The terminal´s modern infrastructure will enable the parallel check-in of guests from multiple ships at berth. The new facility is set to open in 2024 and, just like the other terminals at the port, will be equipped to deliver shore power to visiting vessels. Portland Port in the UK is to extend and infill its deep-water berth. The planned works will create a new solid berth capable of handling cruise ships up to 350 metres in length overall, as well as an additional 16,000 square metres of working quayside space. The works will also extend the solid berth face of the adjoining Outer Coaling Pier, allowing Portland Port to eventually handle two 350-metre-long cruise vessels at the same time. Image: Moka studio 1 7 MARKETWATCH

Portsmouth International Port has had its most successful year for cruise operations, hosting a record number of day calls and maiden visits despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. The port is expected to host over 130 days of ships alongside by the end of 2021, a rise from a previous high of 65, and has also welcomed maiden calls from eight cruise ships. The port also hosted its first naming ceremony in July with the christening of Saga Cruises’ Spirit of Adventure, and managed three cruise ships at once across multiple berths for the first time in August. Portsmouth International Port celebrates most successful year Cruising reopens between Greek and Turkish ports San Francisco receives first cruise call following pandemic Cruise operators can begin sailing itineraries between Greece and Turkey now that the Greek Government has lif ted Covid-19-related restrictions on ships calling at the Turkish ports of Galataport Istanbul and Kusadasi. Following communication with the two ports which was facilitated by cruise industry association MedCruise, the Greek authorities judged that both have established and maintained a public health emergency contingency plan based on European standards and have the capacity to provide an appropriate public health emergency response. Princess Cruises’ Majestic Princess has made its maiden call to San Francisco, California, becoming the first cruise ship to visit the US city since the pause in operations caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Guests on the ship were able to go onshore during a port call on a sevenday ‘Classic California Coast’ voyage, sailing roundtrip from Los Angeles, California. “The return of cruise is an important milestone for San Francisco’s economic recovery and will support our small and family-owned waterfront businesses,” said Elaine Forbes, executive director of the Port of San Francisco. DID YOU KNOW? 45% of people selected the Caribbean as their ideal winter destination in a poll of 900 cruise passengers by 1 8 MARKETWATCH

Azamara is to restart cruising to South Africa in winter 2021-2022 when the country reopens its ports for international cruising. Azamara Pursuit will sail six voyages between January and March 2022, with the cruise line also resuming its partnership with safari operator Micato Safaris to offer onshore pre- and post-cruise packages. “A trip to Africa is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, the kind of travel Azamara is known for, which is why I am so pleased to confirm our guests are now welcome back to South Africa following the reopening of its ports to international cruising,” said Carol Cabezas, president of Azamara. Azamara to offer winter sailings in South Africa Celestyal Cruises is to restart year-round cruising on 14 March 2022 with an offering of three- and four-night cruises that will see the cruise line return to the port of Kusadasi in Turkey. These itineraries will be followed by seven-night sailings from 30 April, including a new call at the city of Thessaloniki in Greece as part of the ‘Idyllic Aegean’ itinerary. Finally, Celestyal’s seven-night ‘Three Continents’ itinerary will return at the end of 2022 for the first time since 2019, calling in Greece, Turkey, Israel, Egypt and Cyprus. Celestyal Cruises to restart year-round sailing in March Port of Valencia resumes normal operations The Port of Valencia is scheduled to receive 75 cruise calls in the last quarter of 2021, with ships docking at its quays to enable guests to visit the city and the surrounding region. This trend is expected to continue in 2022, when the Spanish port anticipates that it will host the same number of stopovers as it would have received in a typical year before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. The port authority and the local cruise community have also developed a tourism offer for cruise guests visiting the city and its surroundings, which follows Covid-19 health and safety protocols. These include exclusively guided tours, with small groups and more outdoor experiences. In addition to visiting the city of Valencia via panoramic bus tours or outdoor routes through Albufera or L’Horta, there are also trips available to nearby destinations such as Requena, Sagunto or Vall d’Uixó, among others. 1 9

MSC Cruises began sailing its first-ever winter itinerary in Northern Europe on 14 November 2021. MSC Magnifica’s sevennight cruises will include calls to the ports of Hamburg, Germany; Ijumuiden, Netherlands; Zeebrugge, Belgium; Le Havre, France; and Southampton, UK. The ship will stay in the ports for up to 12 hours, allowing guests to embark at each port. MSC Cruises starts first winter itineraries in Northern Europe Disney Cruise Line will return to The Bahamas, the Caribbean and the Mexican Riviera in early 2023, offering a range of itineraries from US homeports. Disney Wish and Disney Fantasy will sail from Port Canaveral, Florida, to The Bahamas and Caribbean, while Disney Dream will offer departures from Miami, Florida to Grand Cayman, Castaway Cay and Cozumel in Mexico. Disney Magic will sail from Galveston, Texas, on voyages to The Bahamas and Western Caribbean in February and March, before redeploying to New Orleans, Louisiana, for sailings to Grand Cayman and Cozumel. Finally, Disney Wonder will sail from San Diego, California, to Baja, Mexico, in April and May, providing itineraries ranging from three to seven nights in length. Disney Cruise Line plans cruises to The Bahamas, Caribbean and Mexico Holland America Line marked its first sailing from the US West Coast since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic as Koningsdam departed from the Port of San Diego in California in October. The cruise line’s team celebrated the landmark with a welcome ceremony for guests as they boarded the ship. Koningsdam, which is the largest Holland America Line ship to cruise from the West Coast, will offer a total of 23 seven-day cruises to destinations on the Californian coast and Mexico until 3 April 2022. Holland America makes first US West Coast departure since pause Lindblad Expeditions began its Antarctica programme for the 2021-2022 season on 3 November, stationing National Geographic Resolution, National Geographic Endurance and National Geographic Explorer in the region to offer a range of itineraries around the continent. These include a 14-day ‘Journey to Antarctica: The White Continent’; 24-day ‘Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falklands’; 19-day ‘South Georgia & the Falklands’; 20-day ‘Patagonia & Antarctica: Legendary Ice and Epic Fjords’; and 33-day ‘Epic Antarctica: South Sandwich Islands, South Georgia & The Peninsula.’ Lindblad Expeditions bases three ships in Antarctica 2 0 MARKETWATCH

Viking’s new ocean ship, Viking Saturn, will sail three new Nordic itineraries during her maiden season in 2023. Two 15-day voyages and a combined 29-day departure will visit destinations in Norway, Iceland, Greenland, Canada and the USA. “These new itineraries are ideal for curious travellers and trace the routes of the early Viking explorers to Iceland and other North Atlantic destinations known for their natural beauty,” said Torstein Hagen, chairman of Viking. “We look forward to welcoming Viking Saturn to our fleet and to offering guests even more ways to explore this unique part of the world in comfort.” AIDA Cruises launched the first ship in the Canary Islands in March 2021, followed by the first voyages around the Greek islands in May, and has continuously expanded its range of itineraries throughout the year. The cruise line currently has seven ships offering cruises from RostockWarnemünde, Kiel and Hamburg in Germany to Norway and across the Baltic Sea, as well as in the Mediterranean from Palma de Mallorca, Spain, and Corfu, Greece. More ships will return to service in the autumn and winter season, including AIDAnova taking over AIDAcosma’s voyages in the winter of 2021-2022, as well as calling at Hamburg, Germany, for the first time. AIDA Cruises will also launch two new short voyages to Norway starting on 14 and 19 December 2021, before the Christmas and New Year’s Eve voyages begin sailing from Hamburg to Gran Canaria on 22 December 2021. AIDA Cruises charts a successful return to sailing in 2021 Princess Cruises is to return additional ships to service in the USA for February, March and April 2022, sailing from Los Angeles in California, Seattle, Vancouver and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Starting between 13 February and 22 April, Crown Princess, Island Princess and Royal Princess will take guests to destinations in the Caribbean, Hawaii and the Californian coast. The three ships combined with the eight vessels that restarted service in 2021, represent 79 per cent of Princess’ total fleet. Global Ports Holding signs agreement with Kalundborg Global Ports Holding (GPH) has signed a 20-year agreement to provide services for cruise passengers at the Port of Kalundborg in Denmark. As part of the agreement, GPH will invest up to €6 million ($6.99 million) by the end of 2025 into a purposebuilt cruise terminal, subject to certain milestones. The Port of Kalundborg will be GPH’s first cruise port in the Northern European cruise port market. Located just over one hour from Copenhagen city centre, the port offers three berths for cruise ships, measuring 325, 330 and 500 metres in length. Viking Saturn to sail three Nordic itineraries in maiden season Princess Cruises to increase US itineraries in early 2022 2 1

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises’ Hanseatic Nature has made its maiden call to the port of Santander in Spain. Hanseatic Nature arrived in Santander from Cherbourg, France, with 116 passengers onboard. To commemorate the ship’s first visit to the port, President of Cantabria Miguel Ángel Revilla presented Captain Ulf Sodemann with a plaque and a collection of books about Santander and Cantabria for the library onboard the ship. Hanseatic Nature calls at Santander for first time Celebrity Cruises has revealed its European voyages for 2023, which include more than 45 overnight stays in 11 different European cities on seven of its ships. All three of Celebrity’s new Edge Series ships will be deployed in the continent, along with Celebrity Silhouette, Celebrity Constellation, Celebrity Infinity and Celebrity Reflection. They will offer itineraries ranging from four to 13 nights, with more seven-night sailings available than ever before. Port agents and ground operators were put to the test in 2021. However, what started as a gloomy year turned out to be an incredible adrenaline-fuelled journey through uncharted waters. Mifsud Brothers provided services for two ships that homeported 19 times and called 36 times at the island of Malta and 12 times at the island of Gozo in 2021. For the first time there were also 13 charter flights direct from the USA to Malta and four turnround calls. In addition, six cruise lines carried out over 2,800 crew changes on the island. We are grateful and honoured to have been trusted by our principals in these unprecedented times in our relentless pursuit to restart the cruise industry. Ivan Mifsud is managing director of Mifsud Brothers Seven Celebrity Cruises ships to sail Europe in 2023 How Mifsud Brothers overcame cruise service challenges in 2021 2 2 MARKETWATCH

2 3 Hurtigruten Expeditions’ Maud set sail on her inaugural sailing from the Port of Dover at the end of September, beginning the expedition cruise line’s first year-round deployment from the UK. The cruise ship will visit destinations around the British Isles, Southern Scandinavia and Norway. “Ever since we were announced as UK homeport for Hurtigruten’s Expedition cruises back in June 2020, we have been eagerly awaiting and preparing for Maud’s arrival,” said Sonia Limbrick, head of cruise at the Port of Dover. “It’s a proud moment for us all today as we embark on our new adventure together. We look forward to a great future supporting the Hurtigruten team and seeing year-round expedition cruising in Dover for the first time.” Hurtigruten Expeditions’ Maud embarks on UK deployment Norwegian Cruise Line resumes US East Coast sailings Norwegian Cruise Line has returned to sailing from the US East Coast, with Norwegian Breakaway completing a series of week-long voyages to Bermuda from New York. The ship is the sixth in the cruise line’s 17-ship fleet to resume operations since July 2021. “Our return to New York City is a significant milestone in our ‘Great Cruise Comeback from the US’,” said Harry Sommer, president and CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line. “We have a 30-year history of cruising from New York and were the first to sail from the destination year-round. Our return feels like a homecoming.” As part of Carnival Cruise Line’s return to guest operations, Carnival Magic arrived in Princess Cays, The Bahamas, for the first time since the pause in operations caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Carnival Magic’s six-day Eastern Caribbean cruise departed from Port Canaveral on 11 October and made additional stops in Nassau and Amber Cove. “We are delighted to return to the private Bahamian destination of Princess Cays and offer guests an opportunity to experience all of the beauty and charm of the island while providing a much-needed boost to the local economy,” said Christine Duffy, president of Carnival Cruise Line. Carnival Magic makes cruise line’s return to Princess Cays Italy welcomes Seven Seas Explorer back to its shores Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ Seven Seas Explorer successfully returned to service with an eight-day cruise from Trieste, Italy on 15 October and called at Bari, Ravenna, Taormina and Sorrento/Capri in Italy, as well as Dubrovnik and Zadar in Croatia, and Corfu, Greece. The voyage concluded in Rome, Italy on 23 October. The vessel will now cross the Atlantic to Miami, Florida for a season in the Caribbean from mid-November until March 2022.

As a Por t of Call, or as a Homepor t – Haifa Por t is your perfect destination. As a shore excursion, or a pre\post cruise program – Israel is your ultimate choice. With its new facilities for 3,500 Passenger ships turnaround – Haifa Por t is ready for your ships and your guests. An Eastern Mediterranean dream come true! Haifa Port The Jewel of the Eastern Mediterranean SEA OF GALILEE NAZARETH BETHLEHEM DEAD SEA TEL AVIV HAIFA JERUSALEM

2 5 Royal Caribbean International is to debut the ‘Ultimate World Cruise’, a 274-night itinerary that visits more than 150 destinations in 65 countries across all seven continents. Serenade of the Seas will sail roundtrip from Miami, Florida, departing on 10 December 2023 and returning on 10 September 2024 after a voyage that will include 57 new destinations for the cruise line, including Casablanca, Morocco; Qaqortoq, Greenland; and Shimizu, Japan. “Now more than ever, people have resolved to travel the world and make up for lost time,” said Michael Bayley, president and CEO of Royal Caribbean International. “Royal Caribbean is making that a reality with the ultimate vacation that welcomes those seeking adventure and exploration to taste, dance and dream with us around the world.” Royal Caribbean creates ‘Ultimate World Tour’ Seabourn Pursuit to sail from Iceland following delivery Seabourn’s new ship, Seabourn Pursuit, will debut on 4 April 2023 with an inaugural ‘Fire and Ice’ itinerary from Reykjavik, Iceland. The cruise will sail along the coasts of Greenland and Iceland, and feature a call in the town of Akureyri, Iceland, for visits to waterfalls, hot springs and the lava fields of Dimmuborgir and Leirhnjukur. The ship will then continue to sail the waters around Greenland, Iceland and Norway throughout the spring and early summer, including a ‘Northwest Passage’ itinerary including stops in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, and Nome, Alaska. DATES FOR YOUR DIARY IMPA London 14-15 December 2021 London, UK Nor-Shipping 10-13 January 2022 Oslo and Lillestrøm, Norway Euromaritime 1-3 February 2022 Marseille, France Viking began sailing from Port Everglades for the first time in 2021 with the 930-guest Viking Orion and her identical sister ship Viking Star. Both ships will sail on a variety of itineraries in the Caribbean and Central America throughout 2022. “Viking’s arrival diversifies Port Everglades’ fleet with a new brand that focuses on history, culture and exploration for curious travellers,” said Jonathan Daniels, chief executive and port director at Port Everglades. “We are honoured that Viking has selected Port Everglades for its 2021-2022 winter cruise season and wish them great success in the Florida-Caribbean market.” Viking makes Port Everglades debut MARKETWATCH

Allure of the Med The Mediterranean Sea is an enduringly popular destination for cruise travellers. Cruise line executives discuss their current itineraries and future plans with Michele Witthaus COVER STORY 2 6 “ There’s no other part of the world that offers such a range of different and wonderful itineraries” Elisabetta De Nardo, MSC Cruises

Marella Cruises ships sail various itineraries to destinations throughout the Mediterranean, such as the south of France 2 7 The popularity of the Mediterranean is down to the superb weather during the summer, mild temperatures in winter and the many ports and destinations that can be reached during a single voyage, says Elisabetta De Nardo, vice president of port development at MSC Cruises. “It’s our home; there’s no other part of the world that offers such a range of different and wonderful itineraries with such a variety of shoreside experiences, whether they be cultural tours, amazing sightseeing opportunities, culinary experiences, fun on the beach or water sports in the sea.” The Mediterranean has also been the home of Costa Cruises since its origins over 70 years ago, says Davide Truscello, the company’s director of itinerary and pricing. “It is a destination with unique features. First, the extraordinary variety of cultures, traditions, history, landscapes, fantastic art, cities and beautiful beaches. Then the mild climate, which allows you to travel even in winter. Equally important is the availability of ports and infrastructure dedicated to cruise ships. Finally, the proximity to important source markets, such as Italy, France, Spain and Germany.” As the only Greek homeporting cruise line, Celestyal Cruises is another company that lives and breathes the Mediterranean, in particular its Eastern region, including the Adriatic coast of Italy and Croatia, the islands of Greece, Turkey’s ports of Istanbul, Kusadasi (for Ephesus) and Canakkale (to visit Troy), as well as Cyprus, Israel and Egypt. “We proudly consider ourselves experts in the region and offer our guests an immersive experience not only to the marquee destinations such as Mykonos and Santorini but also to the lesser-known side of Greece,” says Chris Theophilides, the company’s CEO. According to Saga Cruises’ head of trade sales and commercial partnerships Iain Powell, the region is popular with guests of all ages and demographics. “We often hear from our guests that the Mediterranean makes such a great cruise destination because of its mix of weather and the variation you get when travelling around the coast. The mix of

2 8 cultures and history means that there really is something for everyone, from food lovers to art aficionados, fans of ancient history or modern cities – the Mediterranean has it all.” The Mediterranean is also a popular choice with Marella Cruises’ customers, due to “the range of destinations and famous sights they can experience within a relatively short period of time; as well as shorter flight time compared to a long-haul cruise,” says Neil Duncan, head of trading and planning. The Mediterranean features several very distinct regions, which have different trajectories when it comes to cruise. De Nardo sees the Western Mediterranean maintaining popularity “with seven-night voyages between Italy, France, Spain, Malta and Tunisia and more 10-night sailings to include the Canary Islands and Morocco.” She predicts the Eastern Mediterranean will continue to be popular for guests who like to combine a relaxing break with visits to historical sites. Regarding the Black Sea, she says: “It’s a consideration for the longer term if more ports could be developed for cruise liners, with turnaround operations in Istanbul.” For guests of Saga Cruises, immersive experiences in the Black Sea are a big drawcard. “We tend to find that it’s our COVER STORY From the top, a Celestyal Cruises ship sails past the Greek island of Patmos in the Aegean Sea, Costa Cruises’ Costa Smeralda berthed in Italy, and the city of Venice, Italy, which is a popular port of call on Mediterranean itineraries “ We proudly consider ourselves experts in the region” Chris Theophilides, Celestyal Cruises

Thessaloniki Your Homeport... in the heart of a vibrant city! Testimonials from cruise passengers: “We could have spent 10 days here visiting the place... It has a lot to offer” “It was a great discovery... Glad the Cruise company chose this port to visit” THESSALONIKI TOURISM ORGANISATION When it comes to great cities to discover, the northern port city of Greece leads the way. Thessaloniki’s colorful past and present is what makes this city so charming.

3 0 longer Black Sea voyages which prove very popular as guests get to experience the real range of destinations the Mediterranean has on offer, from Malta to Greece and Turkey,” says Powell. “More specifically, some of our newer cruises can take guests further afield, including the cultural city of Istanbul or the ancient city of Troy in Turkey.” Post-pandemic, Duncan says that both the Eastern and Western Mediterranean “could potentially see increased demand quite quickly as customers return to travel and they want to visit their favourite destinations in Europe.” Regarding other regions, he says: “Cruise lines will focus on the most popular regions for their customers first, so the Black Sea and North Africa may take a little longer to get back to pre-pandemic levels. However, there is no doubt that customers will again want to explore further afield so I cannot see it being too long before these destinations appear more regularly on itineraries.” Ports that have a wide appeal have never been more important for the predictability they bring to cruise lines’ itinerary planning, says De Nardo. “Our marquee West Mediterranean sailings are extremely popular because of the many ports available and dramatically different destinations to visit, similarly the itineraries in the East Mediterranean remain popular for the same reasons.” Theophilides lists several itineraries that reliably do well for Celestyal Cruises. “Our seven-night ‘Idyllic Aegean’ itinerary is always incredibly popular thanks to the inclusion of the marquee destinations of Mykonos and Santorini, as well as Crete, Rhodes, Kusadasi, the lesser-known island of Milos and the historic city of Thessaloniki. Celesytal will also homeport in Thessaloniki, which has stunning Paleo Christian and Byzantine monuments, a Unesco World Heritage Site, monuments to the famed Alexander the Great, and a rich Roman and Sephardic Jewish heritage. Thessaloniki is now also a hub for the Balkans and European markets due to its newly upgraded airport, which offers competitive airfares to and from Northern and Western Europe, thus making cruising and Celestyal more COVER STORY Saga Cruises’ ships visit destinations across the Mediterranean “ The mix of cultures and history means that there really is something for everyone” Iain Powell, Saga Cruises

3 1 MSC Cruises’ MSC Grandiosa sailing into Barcelona, Spain accessible and affordable. We are also seeing strong interest in our seven-night ‘Eclectic Aegean’ itinerary, as well as our award-winning seven-night ‘Three Continents’ itinerary which calls in Greece, Turkey, Israel, Egypt and Cyprus. However, I would say that our most popular itineraries are our unique three- and four-night cruises which visit two Greek ports of call per day.” Marella Cruises also has popular itineraries in the region, says Duncan. “Our ‘Adriatic Explorer’ itinerary sailing on Marella Explorer is popular with customers as it calls at some iconic hotspots including, Venice in Italy and Split and Dubrovnik in Croatia, but also allows people to discover some stunning hidden gems such as Kotor (Montenegro) and Koper (Slovenia).” While established favourites are an important part of the mix, cruise lines also need to refresh their Mediterranean itineraries each year to give repeat cruisers something new. The trick is judging which ports to drop and to add in this process. “MSC Cruises is always looking at new opportunities and most recently introduced Siracusa in Sicily and Taranto in Italy, both of which have proved to be very popular,” says De Nardo. “The market sets the rules on which ports to retain, and we take stock of customer satisfaction in our decision-making process for future itineraries.” Theophilides says: “Celestyal Cruises is renowned for taking travellers to some of the hidden gems in Greece and we are committed to protecting this reputation by listening to guest feedback and refreshing our ports of call on an annual basis, thereby constantly upgrading and evolving our offering. Each year we reimagine our itineraries to ensure that we always offer our guests the best possible experience. We include new ports of call that allow full days as well as late departures in popular destinations.” Powell says: “At Saga, we always try to refresh our itineraries as often as we can to ensure returning guests can experience something different. We often do this through a change in the ports we visit or altering the length of the sailing. We also strive to visit ports at times where something exciting is happening in the area, so that we can offer unique experiences for our guests.” Duncan says that Marella Cruises aims to refresh its itineraries every season for the benefit of both repeat customers and new cruisers. “Customer feedback is really important to us when thinking about adding a new port or destination, so we take their comments into consideration throughout the process. We will always aim to add at least two new itineraries to our Mediterranean programmes every year.” While the cruise lines seek to keep things fresh for their guests, cruise executives themselves often have eclectic personal wish lists for ports they look forward to visiting. Theophilides sings the praises of Milos, which is not visited by many other cruise lines. Top of Duncan’s list is what he calls Marella’s “surprise and delight” destinations, which include Ajaccio (Corsica), Kotor and Villefranche (France). Which all goes to show that, even for the experts, cruising in the Med never loses its attraction. CFIP Photo: MSC Cruises, Visualmedia

3 2 COVER STORY A spotlight on two Mediterranean ports that are enduringly popular with cruise lines and their guests Desirable destinations Limassol, the most cosmopolitan city of Cyprus, is situated in the south-eastern corner of the Mediterranean and forms a natural bridge to eastern and western Mediterranean destinations. It has a rich historical legacy, a plethora of native treasures and traditions, carefully protected natural trails in the mountains, picturesque villages, sandy beaches and many more must-see places. Limassol is an ideal port of call for cruises of all sizes due to its proximity to well-known, traditional and interesting destinations in the region, diverse attractions, and its excellent port facilities. Limassol Port, Cyprus Spain’s PortCastelló inaugurated a new cruise berth in 2011. Located in the East Dike Prolongation, this dock, with a berth of 350 linear metres, 16-metre draft and a 6,340-square-metre parking area for excursion buses and shuttle buses, has opened new possibilities to the port. Several excursions starting from the port lead cruise passengers to discover the best of the Spanish province. The legacy of the various civilisations that have modelled the landscape of Castellón is presented in all its glory thanks to these excursions, which take guests to destinations like Peñíscola, one of the world’s three Papal cities, and the medieval city of Morella. They can also sail the longest underground river in Europe and discover the highlights of Mediterranean cuisine. PortCastelló, Spain

NEW CRUISE PIER FACILITIES (September 2021) More than 700-meter berth line. 4 hectares for ground operations. RECIPE FOR TARRAGONA Modernism, excitement, wine tourism, culture and history Mix with passion History? YES BUT NOT ONLY How about a drink?