Cruise & Ferry Review - Autumn/Winter 2023

95 Destination-focused designs, such as this Spanish art gallery onboard Brittany Ferries’ Galicia, can help ferry operators tell a story through their interiors Steve Newbery, Director, Onboard Services, DFDS: Expectations vary depending on the route – for our longer cruise routes it’s about the destination and a slower, more considerate, onboard offer. For short-sea routes it’s all about providing what passengers need in preparation for their holiday – perhaps good food, shopping for forgotten essentials, a little entertainment and good rest. Joëlle Croc Director, Customer Experience, Products & Onboard sales, Brittany Ferries: It’s about knowing our customers and their expectations. An intimate knowledge of our customers and of our brand links directly to being able to deliver a quality of experience that meets our brief. With that in mind, we design all aspects of the ship to respond to the customer’s needs, from the comfort of the cabins to the type of restaurant and the shopping experience. That enables us to cover what they want and manage their satisfaction, encouraging them to come back in the future. Matteo Della Valle, Director, Passenger Sales & Marketing, GNV: Italians love to take their pets on vacation and so good animal facilities are a big priority. We’ve increased the number of cabins dedicated to animals and created spaces on our vessels specifically for pets and their owners, allowing for a good experience for both them and those who don’t want to meet a pet onboard. And of course, we all expect a good wi-fi service wherever we go, and it can be challenging to deliver at sea sometimes! We are investing in delivering an excellent service that matches what customers will have at home to ensure their connectivity needs are met. How have customer expectations changed over the last few years? JC: In very recent months, the context of growing inflation in the countries we serve has affected the sensitivity of customers to prices. They need to know exactly what is onboard, what its price is, and if they can afford it or SIMON JOHNSON Director Shipshape Consulting JOËLLE CROC Director Customer Experience, Products and Onboard Sales, Brittany Ferries PETER STÅHLBERG Managing Director Wasaline STEVE NEWBERY Director Onboard Services, DFDS MATTEO DELLA VALLE Director Passenger Sales & Marketing, GNV The host: The panel: “ For customers, coming onboard the ship is like opening a new book – you have to tell them a good story”