Cruise & Ferry Review - Autumn/Winter 2023

The Sustainable Maritime Interiors Declaration ENVIRONMENTAL ADVOCACY 1 Champion responsible maritime interior architecture and design as a pathway to a sustainable future and contribute to giving our community an effective and united voice that drives meaningful action. 2 Be curious, seek wisdom and listen intently while advocating for positive change and encouraging others to follow through sharing knowledge and experiences. 3 Stimulate design-led innovation across the value chain and nurture partnerships that can accelerate sustainability gains through responsible consumption and production. ENVIRONMENTAL ACTION 4 Approach every project with a healthy planet mindset, design considerately to protect natural resources and encourage all stakeholders to support better environmental choices. 5 Embrace and pursue circular design principles for longevity and flexibility, optimised material use, energy efficiency, waste reduction, designing for easy maintenance, repair and recycling. 6 Prioritise products and materials with strong, transparent and audited environmental performance data, especially those from suppliers that can demonstrate continuous sustainability improvement. ENVIRONMENTAL FUTURE 7 Be bold and persistent in the pursuit of increasingly more sustainable interiors and be supportive of those who can help to advance these goals through transformative results. Support the Declaration: