Cruise & Ferry Review - Autumn/Winter 2023

51 Decorative and durable Robos Contract Furniture has developed decorative pebbles for the shallow water in the pool of the Aqua Dome, a multipurpose entertainment space situated at the front of Icon of the Seas. The pebbles are made of fibreglass to ensure they can withstand the chlorinated water and are heavy enough to remain in place, but light enough to be moved if necessary. Each pebble has been reinforced with extra weight at the top and also has holes on the bottom to allow water to flow inside and keep it in position. Unlocking the power of safety and operations data NAPA’s onboard software solutions and cloud-based data services will combine advanced simulations with predictive technology to help the crew keep the Icon of the Seas safe, stable and operating efficiently. NAPA Stability will enable smooth sailing in all conditions, while NAPA Fleet Intelligence will enable live data sharing with shoreside teams, helping analyse and benchmark operational efficiency easily and providing faster support in an emergency. NAPA Logbook will ease record-keeping, reporting and compliance on a range of operational activities, which can be further analysed to improve performance. The comprehensive suite of solutions will enable Icon of the Seas to set a new standard in both safe and efficient maritime operations. Safe and stable Water pumps play a critical role in helping cruise ships to remain stable and safe while at sea. IRON Pump has supplied 91 centrifugal water pump systems for Icon of the Seas, working closely with Royal Caribbean International to tailor them to fit the ship’s specific dimensions and operational requirements. The water pumps, which are designed to minimise power consumption, have been carefully integrated and balanced to maintain the ship’s stability and prevent potential hazards.