Cruise & Ferry Review - Autumn/Winter 2023

35 Photo: Visit Finland Cruise Baltic partners support Responsible Cruising initiative Cruise Baltic has partnered with more than 30 ports and destinations to develop a new Responsible Cruising strategy for the Baltic Sea region. The aim is for the strategy to help the region “define the sustainable cruise tourism of tomorrow while re-establishing cruising to exceed pre-pandemic levels”. “It is when we join forces that we can make a real difference,” said Klaus Bondam, director of Cruise Baltic. “This is reflected in our new strategy that aims to inspire our partners and stakeholders to connect, collaborate and share knowledge under common values and goals for a sustainable and responsible cruise tourism. Together, we can accelerate the transition of the cruise industry.” The Responsible Cruising strategy will span 2023 to 2026. During this time, 32 partners will work together to strengthen the region by showcasing the diversity of each destination. It is hoped the strategy will better equip the region’s cruise sector to adapt to unforeseen circumstances, while enhancing collaborations internally among partners, as well as with external stakeholders such as cruise lines and travel agents. Hurtigruten Norway to debut first zero-emission cruise ship in 2030 Norwegian cruise brand Hurtigruten Norway aims to launch a fully electric cruise ship in 2030. The 500-passenger vessel will operate using 60-megawatt batteries that will recharge using renewable energy while berthed in port. It will also have 164-foot retractable sails with solar panels, contra-rotating propellors, multiple retractable thrusters and an artificial intelligence-powered manoeuvring system. Image: VARD Design