Cruise & Ferry Review - Autumn/Winter 2023

MARKETWATCH Adonis HR launches planning module for shipboard duty rostering Adonis HR is introducing a new planning module for shipboard duty rostering adapted to serve coastal segments like short sea ferries while also managing shore-based industries. The unique challenges faced by these sectors, which are often constrained by vessel size, have prompted Adonis HR to develop a solution that harnesses land-based internet connectivity for efficient duty roster planning. This system accommodates the ebb and flow of crewing needs, addressing seasonal, weekly, and daily variations, while ensuring strict adherence to diverse competence matrices and labour regulations like the MLC Work and Rest Hours guidelines. The solution integrates the Duty Roster Planning module with Adonis Self-Serve, Time & Attendance, and Payroll modules, to deliver a comprehensive strategy for workforce coordination, enabling smoother overall operations and helping to ensure compliance with industry standards.