Cruise & Ferry Review - Autumn/Winter 2023

PRINCE RUPERT’S CHARMING CRUISE DELIGHT! Prince Rupert Cruise Port launched the “Vintage Trolley Excursion”, o ering a unique experience for cruise passengers to explore Prince Rupert, increasing awareness of the destination and supporting local businesses. With an increased capacity of over 950 guests, PRCP ensures higher satisfaction and economic benefits for the local community. The dedication to immersive programs and collaboration with local stakeholders highlights the heritage, culture, and natural wonders of Prince Rupert. Vintage Trolley Excursion exemplifies PRCP’s commitment to exceptional experiences, contributing to the local economy and fostering inclusive tourism. TARRAGONA CRUISE PORT EMBARKS ON SUSTAINABLE TRANSFORMATION! Construction has begun at Tarragona Cruise Port, promising a remarkable transformation for the region. Spanning 2,200 m2 and backed by a 5.5m euro investment by Global Ports Holding, this innovative and sustainable project sets the stage for progress. Designed with a focus on functionality, eco-e‹ciency, and passenger comfort, the terminal o ers high-quality services and amenities, ensuring a unique experience. Sustainability lies at its core, integrating eco-friendly technologies and practices, making it a responsible tourism contributor. Scheduled to open in May 2024, the Tarragona Cruise Port prioritizes safety, accessibility, and flexibility to adapt to future industry needs, making it a catalyst for regional tourism growth and economic development. CRUISING THROUGH TIME WITH EGE PORT KUŞADASI Amidst an air of excitement and nostalgia, Ege Port Kuşadası celebrated its remarkable 20th-year anniversary in a grand and joyous occasion on August 9th. The port’s history traces back to 1970s when it was first established, and its journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. The port’s privatization was a significant turning point, giving rise to GPH. The celebrations served as a testament to Turkey’s maritime progress and the port’s unwavering commitment to safety, sustainability, and exceptional service. With an illustrious past and a promising future, Ege Port Kuşadası continues to embrace its role as a gateway. REDEFINING MALAGA’S RETAIL BRILLIANCE The spotlight shines on Malaga Cruise Port, as it forges an exciting alliance with Terminales del Atlantico Medio S.L. (TAM) to redefine and manage the retail area within the Terminal A and B cruise facilities. Leveraging TAM’s skills in operating and advancing duty-free spaces, a new retail experience will unfold spanning across approximately 700 square meters. This ambitious and synergistic endeavor seeks to heighten the voyage of cruise travelers, skillfully fusing the allure of Malaga’s captivating destination with the terminal’s surroundings. Anticipating an imminent refurbishment, this undertaking serves as a testament to the unwavering dedication of Malaga Cruise Port to excellence, sustainability, and the enrichment of each visitor’s sojourn. With meticulous design as the cornerstone, sustainable materials and cutting-edge technology will converge to engender an inviting and dynamic ambiance. Malaga to host Seatrade Cruise Med once again on 11th and 12th September 2024. PROMOTED THE WORLD’S LARGEST CRUISE PORT OPERATOR