Cruise & Ferry Review - Autumn/Winter 2023

19 The new Silver Nova is the first Silversea ship to feature a horizontal and asymmetrical layout, offering guests a panoramic view of destinations while sailing or in port more than any other throughout the course of the architectural preview was ‘game changing’ and this is how best to describe it.” Silver Nova will spend its inaugural season sailing the Mediterranean before operating voyages in the Americas, Alaska, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. It will be joined by sister ship Silver Ray in 2024. In addition to debuting new ships and exploring additional destinations, Muckermann and her team will continue to invest in other initiatives to further enhance the guest experience in 2023 and beyond. “The next five years will see us strengthen our position as the leader in the ultra-luxury cruising space,” she says. “By 2027, we project that one in three ultra-luxury cruisers will choose Silversea. We’ll achieve this with our shipbuilding approach and by leveraging our destination expertise to offer guests the most desirable itineraries and unparalleled experiences, attracting the next generation of experience-focused travellers.” Muckermann predicts the increasing interest in experiential travel will lead to further growth for the luxury cruise sector. “Travellers are hungry for once-ina-lifetime trips and experiences that money just can’t buy,” she explains. “All the major players are reporting figures above 2019 numbers, which shows the pent-up demand in every market for luxury cruising. There are also new players entering the industry, which is another encouraging sign of burgeoning demand. Ultra-luxury cruise travel has a very bright future ahead of it and Silversea will continue to position itself to cater for this interest to ensure we remain at the forefront of the industry.” KEYNOTE “ Travellers are hungry for oncein-a-lifetime trips and experiences that money just can’t buy” Photo: Silversea Cruises