Cruise & Ferry Review - Autumn/Winter 2023

172 FEATURE First impressions A stunning first view of a destination can wow a guest, delivering a memory that lasts for a lifetime. CFR asks ports around the world how they maximise their natural and man-made features to create the perfect first impression Ylva Hovland Guest Relations, Flåm Port Flåm Port, Norway “When guests arrive in Flåm, their first impression of the destination will be that it’s a place of untouched, dramatic natural beauty that is begging to be explored. Flåm Port is well-preserved and puts a lot of resources towards keeping the port clean and organised. The port is decorated with a variety of flowers and plants, giving the area a refreshing look, and features recreational areas that let guests soak in the nature surrounding them in peace and quiet. Flåm Port is also situated close to a great selection of nearby activities and local food experiences. Most importantly, the crew at Flåm Port are welcoming, respectful and helpful towards the guests, aiming to deliver the ultimate experience of Flåm and a unique first impression.”