Cruise & Ferry Review - Autumn/Winter 2023

169 INTERVIEW Fred Foster was an 18-year-old student when he first pitched the idea of developing an advanced theatre lighting console that could be used by the Metropolitan Opera House (The Met) to his college professor on Christmas Eve in 1975. Soon after, he established ETC and 20 years later, he achieved his goal of selling a lighting console to The Met. ETC is now an international leader in events lighting technology, manufacturing lighting and rigging equipment for live entertainment, commercial and architectural applications onboard passenger ships and in shorebased venues. “Our fixtures and controls have long been a staple in entertainment spaces,” says David Lincecum, ETC’s vice president of marketing. “ETC’s new Eos Apex lighting console has found a home on Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Prima, and its Hog 4 programming software is used on vessels like Royal Caribbean International’s Wonder of the Seas and the upcoming Icon of the Seas. On the fixture side, automated lighting fills the need for quality lighting that delivers many looks. For example, Oceania Cruises’ Oceania Vista ship uses our mid-sized Lonestar fixture, which is packed with features like nine rotating gobo patterns.” The uptake of LED technology propelled ETC to develop ArcSystem Navis luminaires and the F-Drive LED driver system, both designed with the maritime industry in mind. “Navis luminaires have specially designed optics that sculpt spaces with minimal glare and adjustable output,” says Lincecum. “They provide high-quality white light and can also deliver coloured light to create special atmospheres. The F-Drive is a remote driver system which allows vessels to service power controls from an accessible maintenance room instead of tight ceiling spaces. F-Drive also brings flicker-free dimming to a wide range of installations, with constant current and constant voltage power compatibility.” According to Lincecum, the LED system has become increasingly popular, with Navis and F-Drive being present in the jazz bar on Icon of the Seas. “We are constantly working on products that are easy to service, while delivering all the features ships need to host and entertain guests,” he says. With a system-wide approach to lighting, ETC ensures cruise operators get long-term product compatibility, backed by long-standing customer support. “ Our products deliver all the features ships need to host and entertain guests” David Lincecum of ETC gives Laura Hyde an insight into how advancements in lighting technology are helping cruise operators enhance entertainment experiences onboard their ships Advancements in ship-wide lighting Photo: Norwegian Cruise Line ETC’s Eos Apex lighting console is being used onboard Norwegian Prima