Cruise & Ferry Review - Autumn/Winter 2023

13 Photo: Silversea Cruises Silversea has been able to visit new destinations in the polar regions since adding Silver Endeavour to its fleet KEYNOTE must drive the evolution of our brand,” says Muckermann. “Increasingly, we are appealing to Baby Boomers [those born between 1946 and 1964], who value experiences, authenticity and unique moments over material goods. This is the new currency of luxury.” This knowledge inspired the launch of Silversea’s S.A.L.T. culinary and Otium wellness programmes. “The former offers ‘deep travel’ through authentic destination immersion, while the latter is centred upon indulgence, moments of pleasure and complete relaxation, championing the luxuriousness of our offering,” says Muckermann. “We will always listen carefully to our guests to innovate and remain firmly at the forefront of the industry.” Feedback from Silversea’s guests also prompted the creation of Antarctica Bridge, the first fly-cruise programme in the ultra-luxury segment that enables guests to skip the Drake Passage when cruising in Antarctica. “Time-conscious travellers expressed their desire to experience the White Continent without spending two days each way crossing the Drake Passage, and our Antarctica Bridge programme has been hugely successful,” says Muckermann. “My first time flying in business-class comfort on a Silverseachartered plane to Antarctica was a oncein-a-lifetime experience. The landscape there is truly unique, and I’ll never forget seeing my first iceberg, catching a glimpse of a penguin colony, or being surrounded by snow-covered mountains at the end of the earth.” Participating in these experiences first-hand empowers Muckermann to find ways to refine and expand Silversea’s destination offerings, both in Antarctica and in other destinations across the world. “Immersive travel and luxurious comfort are at the heart of the Silversea product and enabling our guests to ‘travel deeper in luxury’ is our core mission, so we’re always looking for ways to refine and expand our offering,” says Muckermann. “It’s only by experiencing the product first-hand like a guest that you develop such a strong understanding of what it means to be immersed into a destination, while enjoying true luxury and comfort.” One of Silversea’s key priorities is to identify new ports of call around the world to help it continue developing increasingly varied itineraries. “Silversea is truly a destination leader; we call at over 900 destinations around the globe, which is more than any other cruise line,” says Muckermann. “We’re always looking for new destinations, itineraries and experiences to offer our well-travelled guests. This is one of the