Cruise & Ferry Review - Autumn/Winter 2023

Foreword CONTRIBUTORS CFR would like to thank all of those who contributed to this issue, including: Nick Farrell Co-owner of marine interior outfitting firm Trimline, Nick has a background in software engineering, product design, project management and finance. Shorlagh McConville Shorlagh is responsible for strategic business development within Mivan, which provides complete turnkey fitout and specialist joinery services for the passenger shipping industry and other sectors. Joy Roberts Joy is executive director of Jamaica Vacations, an agency of Jamaica’s Ministry of Tourism that aims to promote and grow the country’s cruise and travel sectors. Johan Roos Formerly Stena Group’s head of sustainability, Johan became Interferry’s regulatory affairs director in 2011 and represents the association at the International Maritime Organization and other maritime authorities. AW/23 An emotional connection Establishing and maintaining a first-class hospitality customer experience now increasingly sees shipping businesses deploying cutting-edge technologies, data analytics and behavioural psychology to create personalised and seamless interactions. Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms can analyse vast amounts of data to identify patterns and preferences, uncover realtime points of failure, enable deep personalisation and much more. Whenever we think about appraising the customer experience it’s hard to climb out of the pigeon-hole focus on onboard and shoreside activities. A short stretch in scope might lead operators to also assess the booking and boarding processes, observe the crew’s demeanour and also consider the level of axial vibration. But there are other emotional details that passengers appreciate – even if they aren’t aware of it themselves. These may include anticipatory service, experiencing surprise and delight, accessibility and inclusivity, staff empowerment and a sense of connection. While sometimes hard to define and deliver, all can have a transformational impact. Passenger shipping continues to push boundaries and excel in this field, while remaining mindful that an easy smile from a crew member as they help customers on their journey is free, and still the most powerful tool to elevate the experience. In the keynote article of this Autumn/Winter 2023 issue of Cruise & Ferry Review, Barbara Muckermann of Silversea Cruises says: “I have dedicated my career to connecting people with the most enriching experiences around the world”. You can read about her views on customer experience and strategy for Silversea on page 10. There’s plenty more on customer experience in our Ferry Business (page 87) and Onboard Experience (page 144) sections too, alongside our usual mix of news, views and insights into passenger shipping throughout the magazine. I hope you enjoy the read. Jon Ingleton Executive Editor, Cruise & Ferry Review 1