Cruise & Ferry Review - Autumn/Winter 2022

FEATURE 1 2 4 CBG Systems’ Rapid Access Composite Plus (RAC Plus) is a lightweight panelised fire protection system that can offer at least 60 minutes of fire protection. The panels have a thermal, non-intumescent protective coating that uses patented hybrid inorganic polymer system technology to ensure the vessel’s structural integrity in the event of a fire. RAC Plus was originally designed for aluminium high-speed craft (HSC) but now the system has been certified for use on steel ships. There are many advantages when compared with traditional insulation, including weight savings and quick installation. “CBG is pleased to bring RAC Plus as a technology historically limited to application on HSC vessels to the steel shipbuilding market,” says Javier Herbon, managing director of CBG Systems. Safety at sea solutions Richard Humphreys outlines some of the services and solutions that are helping passenger ship operators to mitigate a myriad of risks and keep their vessels running and their passengers and crew safe and healthy Transforming fire safety at sea The Rapid Access Composite Plus solution from CBG Systems can withstand temperatures of more than 1,000C Daspos provides durable fire protection for the technical machinery spaces on ocean-going vessels. Its LAS-10 atmospheric oil mist and hydrocarbon detection system has been developed as a fire prevention solution and helps to secure the open engine room against the risk of fires caused by oil leakages. The LAS-10 actively monitors potential scenarios where a fire may occur, such as oil leaks, and in turn, alerts the crew before one arises. The system has received type approvals and certifications from a range of recognised bodies, including Lloyd’s Register, DNV, International Organization for Standardization, International Electrotechnical Commission, and American Bureau of Shipping. Fire prevention is key The LAS-10 system from Daspos continuously monitors engine room spaces to alert crew to potential fires before they occur