Cruise & Ferry Review - Autumn/Winter 2022

1 2 5 Shallow waters are a serious concern for expedition cruise ships. Sailing through uncharted or poorly charted regions with traditional navigation tools is not enough to protect vessels, crew and passengers from dangerous situations. FarSounder’s Argos 1000 Forward Looking Sonar can see half a nautical mile outwards as well as down to a depth of 85 metres, allowing it to detect obstacles such as rocky protrusions, pinnacles and coral reefs. It shows these obstacles in real time via a 3D display, giving crew ample time to adjust the ship’s course to prevent collisions, groundings or other dangerous incidents. Looking ahead to avoid dangers FarSounder’s sonar system prevents groundings and collisions by detecting rocks, pinnacles and coral reefs Liferaft Systems Australia (LSA) has developed a marine evacuation system (MES) that is designed to deliver passengers and crew directly into large capacity life rafts via an inflatable slide. The main benefit of LSA’s MES is the simplicity of its operation. The MES does not have complicated winches or hydraulics and does not require a connection to the ship’s power supply, so it can easily be deployed by one crew member. Each MES unit is lightweight and compact and can be removed or exchanged for annual servicing in less than one hour. It is safe, reliable, cost effective and simple to use. Safely evacuating passengers and crew Liferaft Systems Australia’s marine evacuation system can easily be deployed by one member of the crew “Safety comes first, so it is critical to invest in the best equipment, such as escape devices, life rafts, fire extinguishers or any other life-saving appliances,” says Katia Minardou, corporate communication manager at Poseidon Marine Supplies. “That is why Poseidon Marine Supplies represents the brands offering the best personal safety equipment, such as Dräger.” Poseidon’s service network is one of the most highly regarded in Europe in terms of equipment, class approvals and technically trained personnel. This has led Poseidon to carry out a high number of services relating to life-saving appliances and firefighting equipment around the world. Protecting passengers at all times Equipping ships with safety equipment is the main focus for Poseidon Marine Supplies