Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2022

MARKETWATCH 4 2 The cruise ship interior trends of 2022 reflect the turmoil and change of the last two years. Some indicate the new drivers that have emerged from the impact of the pandemic on social behaviour, others continue a long thread of interior trends extending back several years. Cruise Ship Interiors Expo America (CSI) has identified durability, sustainability, guests staying longer onboard vessels, and the ability to refresh and reconnect as the four biggest trends in the cruise ship interior industry for 2022. In a recent survey for CSI Plus, 50 per cent of buyers named durability as their biggest priority when sourcing products and materials. Budget and sustainability are top of mind for cruise lines and designers when they are looking for longlasting products. International Maritime Organization-certified materials already need to withstand rigorous cleaning regimes and high traffic usage, but the pandemic has prompted cruise brands to increase the frequency of cleaning routines and they are now looking to repair, rather than replace, where possible. The industry is also going beyond using sustainability as a buzzword and instead having deeper conversations about carbon neutrality, the supply chain, repairable and recyclable materials, and the circular economy. Cruise ship interiors suppliers, designers and buyers are breaking down the concept of sustainability to define what it means and develop practical, long-term solutions. For example, Eumar Design’s gelceramic lightweight, composite stone material recently won CSI’s sustainability award. Materials such as gelceramic Elite Exhibitions identifies the biggest trends for cruise ship interiors this year and shares what to look out for at Cruise Ship Interiors Expo America in June What’s new in interiors for 2022? Viewpoint: Abigail McMahon Cruise ship interiors designers are breaking down the concept of sustainability to define what it means and develop practical, long-term solutions Founding partner of CSI, Roda, will be exhibiting at the Miami Beach Convention event in June