Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2022

4 1 Why Schottel is the perfect partner for expedition cruise operators German manufacturer Schottel’s advanced propulsion systems are helping expedition cruise operators to take guests closer to marine wildlife while also ensuring environmentally sensitive places are preserved for future generations. The propulsion solutions reduce noise and vibration levels, making the onboard experience more comfortable for passengers. In addition, the robust design of Schottel’s products, such as its controllable propellers and transverse thrusters, ensures they have a long service life, are reliable and operate with maximum propulsion efficiency. Schottel has also built on years of experience in the field of ice management to develop a series of ice-strengthened propulsion systems that meet Finnish-Swedish Ice Class 1A Super standards. This makes them particularly suited for use in sensitive areas where special demands are placed on propulsion. MARKETWATCH How to plan onboard provision stores The three most important things to consider when designing provision stores are optimising flow, maximising food preservation and customising layouts to meet the needs of the crew and ship. Through this, shipowners ensure that food can be transferred quickly and preserved for longer, and that crews can work safely. In addition, it is essential that shipowners ensure they use sufficient and correct ventilation in the space between steel structures and prefabricated panels. Durable floors, high-quality fire doors, wall and ceiling panels, and air coolers also ensure that provision stores operate efficiently. Almaco, which has provided provision stores for over 200 passenger ships and built more than 9,000 United States Public Health Service provision stores during my 31 years at the company, always recommends that catering areas fulfil high health, safety and cleaning standards. It’s also important for operators to work with a partner that has extensive knowledge on how to combine the provision store with the requirements of galleys and refrigeration machinery areas. Antonio Ferrando is provision store expert at Almaco Group Viewpoint: Antonio Ferrando