Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2022

3 7 Simply unique Dubrovnik, located in the south of Croatia and known for its distinctive 16th-century walled Old Town, is remerging as a key destination for cruise ship operators. Framed by the Adriatic Sea to one side and green scenery to the other, it is a staple of European tourism. Listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site since 1979, the city also offers a wealth of cultural sites for cruise guests to visit, such as visiting Dubrovnik Cathedral and Treasury and Fort Lovrijenac. Dubrovnik also offers a growing number of direct flight connections to destinations all over the world, including daily flights from the USA and Europe, making it easier than ever for travellers to start or end their cruise in the city. These convenient transport links, combined with the fact that the city has one of the most developed and attractive ports in the Mediterranean, means Dubrovnik is always a popular destination for cruise ships. Port Authority of Valencia improves excursions for cruise passengers The Port Authority of Valencia and tourism promotion entities have improved their shore excursion offerings for cruise passengers to ensure they cater for a wide range of interests, ages and budgets. The expanded programme includes new outdoor activities such as trekking, biking and scooter tours to allow guests to enjoy more personalised and exclusive experiences. Some of these alternative excursions include the ‘Horchata’ route, where visitors can sample traditional vegan milk in Alboraya; a trip to Albufera, a 20,000-hectare natural park with dune beaches, forests, rice fields and a large lake with boats; and ‘Between Vineyards’, where cruise passengers have the opportunity to visit a winery and discover the different varieties of local grapes. Valencia has reinvented itself and adapted to cruise tourism, offering a wide range of unforgettable experiences for guests to choose from during the 2022 season.