Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2022

3 6 MARKETWATCH Getting back into cruising Now that cruise operators around the world are returning to the seas, we are eagerly anticipating the upcoming cruise season at Galataport Istanbul in Turkey. It is inspiring to watch travellers fall back in love with cruise travel. There is excitement and curiosity as passengers witness our stateof-the-art cruise facility, which includes the world’s first underground terminal with a unique hatch system. Our guests are wowed by the seamless arrival experience as well as the number of attractions and amenities for them to enjoy as soon as they disembark. Guests can enjoy dining, shopping, arts, culture, history and entertainment, all while overlooking the Bosphorus Strait. Galataport is a socially sustainable port, where locals and cruise activities come together thanks to our groundbreaking and innovative terminal. In the last quarter of 2021, we hosted nine ships and 7,000 passengers and crew and this year, we look forward to 250 ships making calls at Galataport with 800,000 passengers and crew. Figen Ayan is chief port officer at Galataport Viewpoint: Kate O’Hara Getting back to normal in the UK The 2021 domestic season successfully brought cruising back to UK shores with vessels from 14 cruise lines taking passengers to over 50 ports across Britain. Robust, carefully planned protocols and extensive industry collaboration gave all concerned the confidence to proceed and the success of the season was testament to their hard work and cooperation. Looking forward, many UK ports report strong booking figures and are confident of a return to a more normal season in 2022. This would include welcoming ships carrying Europeans and Americans as these represent a significant part of the season for many UK cruise ports and were conspicuous by their absence in 2021. Kate O’Hara is chair of Cruise Britain Viewpoint: Figen Ayan