Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2022

7 5 and beautiful sea vistas which can be taken in from many points on the ship. “We are very pleased with the entire interior design concept, which centres around delivering a seamless passenger journey and various experiences and sensations throughout the trip, taking the onboard experience to a whole new level and indeed, to a new decade,” says Tuulik. “The clever interior design allows for smooth passenger flow throughout the vessel. Passengers enter to the ship’s lobby directly through two entrances. This makes it easy for passengers to continue on to other parts of the ship depending on their needs during the trip.” MyStar features areas like the business lounge, comfort lounge and sitting lounge that will be familiar to passengers who have been onboard Megastar. In addition, MyStar will also offer completely new passenger areas geared for the entire family such as a family picnic lounge, the children’s play area called Lottemaa, and various other features and facilities enabling families with children to travel with more ease and comfort. The heart of the ship will be the Traveller Superstore, which has been designed with a crisp and boutique-like vibe. Located next to the impressive staircase in the middle of the superstore, passengers will be able to find a new experience station, which will host product tastings and more. The lower floor of the store, on the other hand, has been expertly designed to resemble a wine cellar. “Even though the travel time from Tallinn to Helsinki onboard shuttle vessel MyStar is only two hours, the ship’s interiors and onboard offerings will mean that the onboard experience will be, in itself, the highlight, or even the main reason for the trip,” says Tuulik. CFI “ The clever interior design allows for smooth passenger flow throughout the vessel” One of the new features Tallink has introduced on MyStar is the experience station at the Traveller Superstore