Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2022

flooring to offer a modern and inviting area. Meanwhile, artwork has been used to bring the three main colours together in the smaller Delta restaurant, primarily through a floor-to-ceiling peacock piece. Both the colour palette and the theme of nature continue into the guest cabins via the use of bird artwork and patterned carpets. The migratory birds displayed in the artwork reflect the pelicans, herons and cormorants that are native to the Danube Delta, which Spirit of the Danube will visit as part of its itineraries. All cabins also offer guests a view of the riverbank. Those on the upper and middle decks are 17 metres square and feature French balconies, while those on the lower deck are 14 metres square with windows. The asymmetrical shapes, extensive arches and curves, and plant-like embellishments used throughout Spirit of the Danube are characteristic of the late 19th-century architecture in Vienna, Austria, one of the cities that the vessel also visits on its itineraries. Vienna’s Art Nouveau buildings are also reflected in the distinctive artwork collection Saga has carefully curated onboard. Artists include Beth Nicholas, who has used ink and liquid lead and the theme of nature in her pieces; Michelle McKinney, who has used contemporary industrial materials to create a delicate 3D bird composition; and Ann Bubis, who has created a mosaic representing the Danube River and the places of interest that run along it. In addition, Claire Brewster has used entomological installations to depict the Danube region in 3D in the upper reception area, while Andrew Malone has repurposed books and paper to create fun pieces of artwork that reflect the bird theme for the corridors. “Our guests want an exceptional experience when they cruise with us and so our ships are designed exclusively with them in mind,” says Nigel Banks, CEO of Saga Cruises. “Built with a boutique design philosophy, everything from the artwork to the cabins and facilities offer a luxury cruise experience on Europe's famous riverways.” CFI 7 3 Ann Bubis’s mosaic artwork highlights places of interest along the Danube River Photos: Chris Kennedy