Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2022

5 6 FEATURE: COLL ABORATION Putting the ship in mentorship Royal Caribbean Group’s Aida Lora outlines the importance of passenger feedback and mentorship programmes in creating better onboard interiors Most industries require effective collaboration to ensure the successful completion of projects. According to Aida Lora, an associate of architectural design at Royal Caribbean Group, the same is true of interior design, where collaboration between design teams and project and product development teams is essential for delivering exceptional onboard spaces. But guests and ship operators also have a role to play in this process. “A wider approach to cross-industry collaboration could have huge benefits for designers, ship operators and passengers,” says Lora. “Designers could consider real feedback from guests when designing the different interior spaces, which would also make the design research process much easier. “Ship operators could express concerns early, which would result in better solutions, and for passengers – well, happy guests means happy designers. The goal is always to provide unforgettable guest experiences.” Collaboration like this doesn’t just happen, though; organisations must be proactive. For example, they could offer mentorship programmes to pass on knowledge to newer designers. Some organisations have already implemented this type of initiative, says Lora. “Matching senior and junior designers is a strategy used by design firms and cruise lines to leverage internal knowledge.” Lora is one of those leading this change, having participated in collaboration and mentorship initiatives as a senior designer. “I have had the opportunity to work with recent design graduates and junior designers in the same interior cruise project,” she says. “It was a successful learning experience for both the senior and junior designers, with the latter also achieving professional goals by addressing new challenges.” CFI “ Happy guests means happy designers” Lora cites collaboration as a key factor in the successful modernisation of Royal Caribbean International’s Oasis of the Seas in 2019