Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2022

5 5 Sustainable cooperation My Nguyen of Holland America Group discusses how sharing ideas could deliver the sustainability solutions the industry needs Two heads are better than one, according to My Nguyen, director of interior design at Holland America Group. Nguyen believes this phrase is particularly apt when discussing design strategies for cruise ships. “If you design in a vacuum, the result will only be as good as that single perspective,” she explains. “Brands are constantly collaborating across departments and with third parties to enhance ships. But from an industry perspective, I feel like we could do more. I would love for design firms to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and work together to provide a service that covers all of the speciality trades.” This idea extends beyond just better design, though. “Brands have an opportunity to collaborate on topics that make a big impact, such as how to recycle in different ports and highlight specific partnerships that have developed great sustainability strategies,” says Nguyen. “When done in collaboration, these different approaches can only improve the industries’ goals and guest experiences. Guests benefit from a quality product that is created from great ideas and collaboration.” As sustainability becomes an increasingly important part of the cruise experience, Nguyen believes crossindustry cooperation and sharing ideas could be the solution that is needed. “Cruise brands are making sustainability a priority, but the topic is broad and can be overwhelming,” she says. “It is evident that there is great interest but people need a shared platform to learn, grow and contribute. “The Sustainable Design Summit taking place in November 2022 is an example of collaboration between aviation, land and cruise to have open discussions and share knowledge on the topic of sustainable design. The upcoming Cruise & Ferry Sustainable Maritime Interiors report will also enable people in the passenger shipping industry to share their insights into sustainable design.” CFI “ Brands have an opportunity to collaborate on topics that make a big impact” My Nguyen continues to create stunning interiors, like in the atrium of Holland America Line’s Rotterdam, and hopes to focus more on sustainability