Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2022

2 9 Hepp’s new cutlery collection Trilogie is inspired by the shapes found in nature, with each item featuring an elegant curve. The handle is inspired by a freshly picked twig and has an alternating diagonal profile edge that comes together at the end to form a triangular shape. The alternating diagonal profile edge makes the cutlery comfortable to use. It also enables it to be arranged in various ways on the table. Azamara christens new ship Azamara’s newest and fourth ship, Azamara Onward, was christened in May 2022 and embarked on its maiden voyage from Monte Carlo, Monaco, to Venice, Italy. Onboard venues include the Atlas Bar, which offers innovative cocktails with smoking domes and nitro-infusions; the Aqualina, a speciality restaurant that offers seven-course meals; a retail area developed in partnership with Starboard Cruise Services; and a theatre showing Signature Shows with artists such as Natalie Cole and Michael Bublé performing live. Guests will also be able to watch orchestras, dancers and other performers. Azamara Onward features a variety of accommodation, from staterooms to spacious suites, both of which offer butler service. “This is an exciting time for Azamara,” said Carol Cabezas, president of Azamara. “Destination immersion has always been our main priority, and we are delighted to be bringing inspiration from the Mediterranean and beyond to all our onboard offerings and experiences for guests to connect with the culture of each port, even while we are at sea.” Image: Studio 5 design + associates