Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2022

2 8 CFI CURATED Hespera has adopted a circular product design for its new mattress, which can be used on cruise ships. The product will enable cruise lines to reduce their carbon footprint by an average of 200 kilogrammes every nine years per mattress. As the mattress is designed for lifetime use and smart recycling, it also reduces costs for the cruise line. The latest Hespera H and C series are constructed in a modular way, allowing cruise lines to replace elements and effectively recuperate resources. This enables the mattresses to last a long period of time and reduces the amount of waste that is usually generated by this product category. The unglued mattress is light, comfortable, ventilated, washable and flame retardant, and has been certified by the International Maritime Organization and meets Marine Equipment Directive requirements. Oceania Cruises is to add dedicated staterooms for solo travellers as part of its OceaniaNEXT fleet modernisation initiative. Four ships – Regatta, Nautica, Insignia and Sirena – will feature 14 Solo Oceanview staterooms following the renovations. These are set to be completed onboard Regatta on 25 September 2022, onboard Nautica on 26 September and onboard Insignia and Sirena on 1 October. The staterooms will be centrally located on deck six of each ship, and will be furnished with a Tranquility Bed, a refrigerated mini bar, a seating area and storage space. Oceania Cruises to introduce new solo staterooms and shore excursions Hespera debuts ‘full circularity’ mattress Shores Global strives for sustainability Furniture supplier and ship outfitter Shores Global is continuing to prioritise sustainability with its transition to a localised supply chain that will produce sustainable raw materials, which will refresh existing furniture for reuse and eco-design. Shores is continuing to forge new supply chains that are local to the Western hemisphere and that use sustainable materials like Sustainable Wood Composite, a circular substitute for wood products and other hardwoods. These new supply chains will provide several benefits to cruise and ferry operators including lower shipping costs, shorter production and delivery timelines, reduced time to market, reliability, easy access for visiting factories and better customer service. Shore’s Refresh programme also reduces waste by reusing and refurbishing existing furniture frames in Florida, USA. Customers can choose from fabrics in a variety of colours and textures, allowing them to transform old pieces of furniture into something completely different.