Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2022

2 1 Temprotech develops modular protection system for shipyard Temprotech has created a scalable, modular system that provides physical and contamination protection for items of equipment like control panels, switchgear, electrical cabinets and bridge consoles. The initial request came from a major shipyard and the entire project was conducted via Zoom due to Covid travel restrictions. Temprotech was able to develop, prototype and produce the modular protection system (MPS) using the versatile flame retardant Correx board. “After extensive end user trials, MPS has been fully adopted for general use throughout the yard, with far greater applications than initially envisaged including furniture, fittings, wet room, galley and laundry equipment,” said Russell Deere, managing director of Temprotech. “Recent MPS developments include removable access panels and inspection windows to further enhance the adaptability and function of the protection system.” F. Ball and Co. Ltd.’s adhesives improve carpet installations F. Ball and Co. Ltd.’s dual-bond adhesive system, which comprises Styccobond F40 and F3 adhesives, is facilitating quality, flexible and efficient luxury carpet installation onboard passenger ships. Styccobond F40 is a solvent-free, water-based adhesive which dries to form a transparent, permanently tacky coating, creating a peelable bond for the installation of carpet underlay. Meanwhile, Styccobond F3 is a permanent, water-based rubber textile adhesive that is used to adhere carpet to the underlay. The peelable bond holds the underlay and carpet firmly in place during their working life but allows them to be easily lifted and removed at the time of the next scheduled refit. When the time comes for refurbishment, both the carpet and underlay can be quickly and easily removed without damaging the subfloor or leaving behind clumps of underlay and old carpet. Hence, it makes the refurbishment process easier and quicker. Photo: Merima F. Ball and Co. Ltd.’s carpet installation onboard Crystal Endeavor