Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2022

2 0 CFI CURATED Platinum Smart-Heat Electric Marine Bromic Heating’s Platinum Smart-Heat Electric Marine outdoor heating series has been developed specifically for marine applications and for use on the open decks of cruise ships and superyachts. It is also the world’s first Lloyds-approved marine heating solution by the company. The heaters are made from AISI 316 stainless steel so that they are resistant to corrosive elements. Slim, wind-resistant and able to provide a powerful heat output, the heaters can be used to improve guest comfort as well as the appearance of spaces onboard cruise ships and superyachts. The product is available in a black or white finish and can be recessed directly into the ceiling (as shown in the image), and Bromic offer a complimentary design service to assist clients with efficient placing of the heaters and so that they blend in with their surroundings. Special glass constructions improve the interior design of cruise ships by making rooms look larger, connecting them with the outside scenery and highlighting design elements. However, there are areas where guests require partial privacy. Brombach + Gess provides several onboard glass solutions to enable flexible privacy protection onboard cruise ships, including its electronically switchable glass system that offers users privacy at the touch of a button. When guests press the button, it applies a small electric current to change the state of the glass from transparent to opaque, or vice versa. The components of the system are seawater resistant and can be integrated into all new installations of Brombach + Gess products. Brombach + Gess flexible glass system Decorative Touchless Switching system Chelsom has developed a Decorative Touchless Switching system, which can be built into any of its standard or bespoke lighting products. The system uses an infrared sensor to detect a human hand from five centimetres away and trigger the switch to turn the light source on and off. Each sensor is encased in a decorative knurled metal collar that can be plated or powder coated in a variety of finishes, providing designers with the opportunity to blend both practical and aesthetic product design needs. The switch can be mounted within a table or desk lamp base, as well as within the backplate of a wall-mounted reading light. The technology can also be operated across a wide range of voltages and is fully compatible with both conventional and LED light sources. Product picks