Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2022

1 5 2 SMC Design’s clever use of colours, artwork, soft furnishings and other decorative details help it to create fresh and modern interiors like those seen in the champagne and oyster bar onboard Saga Cruises' Spirit of Discovery DES IGN LEGEND of creativity, unique ideas and out-of-thebox thinking. “The huge, complex and everchanging world around us is what continues to influence designers,” he says. “To say trend-led designs are good or bad is not nuanced enough. The design still has to be good, solve all the problems and be visually appealing. There’s no difference between the ages. The design is influenced by everything that surrounds us in our daily lives, and that is ever-changing.” The millennium came and went, but in 2005, Yuill became managing director, having already established himself as a designer and leader of great pedigree. Unlike his predecessors, Yuill had no desire to put his name on the door and so kept the name of the brand that had served him so well. “If you told me back in 1989 that I’d still be sitting here I would have laughed in your face! I didn’t know where I was going; my whole life was ahead of me and I was ready to conquer the world. “Only now do I smile when I look back to that day, knowing it’s been a genuinely enjoyable experience. I’ve been very fortunate. I grew up at SMC and I’ve lived in different houses but this company has been my one constant. I’ve never suffered from the Monday blues, and I still love the work and the people.” “For the past 30 years, this company and the people in it have inspired me, but the company ethos was set in those very early days by Stuart – he created the perfect work environment and treated us all well. It’s an ethos that I’ve sought to sustain. I feel like the custodian of SMC, just steering the company until the next generation is ready.” A third wave of designers is rising and Yuill has mentored many SMC colleagues, and others. He seems to appreciate this mentorship role and hopes to take it even further in the future. “I would love to go and lecture, to give something back,” he says. “I’ve been given a lot by this industry and by this life and I’d love to share my experiences to help future design students.” His top tip though? “Work hard in life. It doesn’t matter what you do or where you want to go, if you work hard, you’ll appreciate the journey and enjoy the destination.” CFI “ The huge, complex and ever-changing world around us is what continues to influence designers”