Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2022

1 5 1 Sustainable flooring solutions we care | we act Email: VISIT US AT: • Cruise Ship Interiors in Miami - Booth #886 • SMM in Hamburg - Booth #B5-325 Gerflor Recycling Program 100% RECYCLABLE -20 % kg CO2 equivalent/m2 between 2020 and 2025 CARBON FOOTPRINT* IMPROVED INDOOR AIR QUALITY 30 % by 2025 RECYCLED CONTENT 60 000 t by 2025 ANNUAL VOLUME RECYCLED Temprotech Quarter-Page Advert - C+F 2022 Cruise and Ferry Surface Protection Temprotech has spent 20 years as a leading supplier of flame retardant temporary protection materials to newbuild and refurbishment programs around the world. Our range of affordable products provide cruise lines, yards, outfitters and contractors with security and peace of mind enabling them to complete projects with minimal disruption, damage or delay. NAVAL FLEETS CRUISE & FERRY OFFSHORE MEGAYACHTS 4 Kingsley Business Park, Kingsley, Hampshire, GU35 9LY, UK Tel: +44 1264 337722 Web: