Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2021

1 3 8 Karen Argue, Business Development Manager at The Deluxe Group Vittorio Garroni, Founder of Garroni Design “My first cruise was onboard Sun Cruises’ Sundream (now scrapped) and it was a ‘wow’ to me in every respect. Each public space was inspired by well-known musicals and the décor incorporated oriental murals and nods to Broadway glamour. As a teenager, I was oblivious to Sundream’s legacy as one of the first purpose-built cruise ships, but it sowed the seeds for my career in cruise interiors. Now I help to create memorable interiors and experiences for the next generation of first-time cruisers and hope they leave the same ‘wow’ impression.” “The classic elegance of Oceania Cruises’ Insignia is epitomised in the atrium where a sweeping staircase, feature lighting and dramatic artwork are beautifully offset by bespoke carpet designed and manufactured by Ulster Carpets. The scale and transition of the geometric latticework design accentuates the grandeur of this exquisitely designed ship.” “The world has changed. To think ‘big’ or ‘small and chic’ is outdated. It will be hard to return to the pre- 2020, stress-free holidays with exotic landscapes: this is a dream shattered by a thousand fears. Our dreams are now wiser, more mature and interesting. I’m excited by new opportunities for greener and larger cruise ships to become ‘smart cities’ – islands of well-being that are evolved, lively, safe and social, and promoters of both technology and the exchange of ideas and human contact. This is represented, for example, by the yacht-type atmosphere achieved with residential transformation of cabin modules on Prestige Yachts’ cruise vessels.” FEATURE Chris Colvin, Marine Sales Manager at Ulster Carpets