Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2021

1 3 6 Chris Finch, Founder and CEO of AD Associates Tina Kjeldgaard, Project Manager at Danish Decoration “The Living Room and staircase onboard Saga’s Spirit of Adventure is very impressive. The architectural design of the staircase is angular and faceted. These strong, structural edges are softened by the carpet to create a gradual blending of colour from light to dark, sweeping from top to bottom to guide guests on their journey up or down the stairs. This design feature draws the eye in and serves as a signature reference point for the whole vessel.” “The biggest ‘wows’ we’ve ever experienced during a cruise ship project were the first time we saw the Royal Promenade on Royal Caribbean International’s Voyager-class ships, as well as when we viewed the Central Park and the outdoor aqua theatre at the aft of the Oasis-class vessels. It was a completely new way of designing cruise ships and, when you’re walking through these spaces, it really does feel like you’re experiencing a mini city at sea.” Interior wows Cruise ship interiors must be functional, visually appealing and contribute to a cohesive onboard experience. Rebecca Gibson invites some of the key players in the design community to highlight the onboard spaces that left a lasting impression FEATURE Photo: RCI